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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you like animals? Do you want to work in a veterinary hospital? How about working in a dentist or doctor’s office? Do you like music? Do you enjoy working with digital media? Learn how to create a digital song! Cooking? Learn to make gourmet food! How about investigating crime scenes, building a house, or creating a robot? ROP has all of these classes and more.

Please visit Ms. Sanchez in the College & Career Center to sign up for the ROP summer courses.

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Need help with Naviance?

See Ms. Sanchez in the College and Career Center for support.

Upcoming College Visits


Teacher permission is required before attending a College Visit. Print one or stop by the College & Career Center and pick one up.

Sign up for a College visit on Insta @Fhscollegeandcareercenter

Or through Naviance

Preparing for College

Senior Knights! We need your help verifying your data on Aeries for Cal Grant!

Cal Grant applications are approaching and our information needs to match what you submit on your application so that you have no problem receiving financial aid for college. Please check your student portal and make sure that your information (including full name, date of birth, address, and email addresses) are accurate. If there are errors, please see Ms. Haidar or your counselor in the office.

Take a look before you submit!

College Applications


  • The Common Application will connect your child to unparalleled opportunities by providing access to nearly 700 Member colleges through one convenient platform.


  • Learn more about applying as an undergraduate to study at a UC campus.
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  • Learn more about applying as an undergraduate to study at a CSU campus.
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Diane Sanchez

College & Career Counselor/ROP Career Specialist

(714) 730-7464 ext. 304