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Graduated 1965 to 2001 

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Graduated after 2001

Students Please Note:

If your college application requires a self reported academic history, you may obtain an unofficial transcript in the Counseling Department to help you complete it. Also, it is your responsibility to determine if the college you are applying to requires an official transcript. Make sure you sign in and check your portal with each college you have applied to so that you are current on all correspondence and your To Do Lists.

UC Applicants:
Please be advised that the UC’s may request a 7th semester (midyear) transcript. Watch your emails, read all college correspondence and check for updates. Do not send a transcript, unless they request it. The accepting UC will ask for an eighth semester (final) transcript.


Having Trouble ordering transcripts through Parchment?

Foothill High School Registrar

Tel: (714) 730-7464 ext. 623

Fax: (714) 665-8823



Want your transcript to get there fast with a tracking method?

Order your transcript online. It will be sent electronically or by mail depending on your college's preference. Click the Parchment icon below to access the FHS Parchment Portal.



  • If you are requesting a Graduation Verification, please fax your request and the client's signed release form to (714) 665-8823.
  • If you are a school requesting records, please fax or email a request to:

Catherine Haidar


Student withdrawals need to be processed by the parent or guardian who enrolled the student.

Please return all books, laptop, charger, and other borrowed equipment or supplies to Foothill High School before initiating a withdrawal.

Contact Mrs. Duran in the Counseling Office for a withdrawal appointment at (714) 730-7490 or email her at


Diploma Pickup

Congratulations Class of 2019!

Please pickup your diploma in the FHS Admin Building.

2000 to 2018 Alumni

We may still have your diploma if you didn't pick it up.

Please call (714) 730-7464 ext. 623, to check.


Diploma Replacement

If you need to replace your diploma, please complete the Diploma Replacement Order Form and mail it with your check to the address below.

Please note: Orders may take 2 to 4 weeks to process.

Diploma Replacement Order Form

Foothill High School - Records

19251 Dodge Avenue,

Santa Ana, CA 92705


I need an Apostille from a California state official to study or work abroad. Can the FHS help me with this?

An Apostille is an authentication of a notarized copy of a school record issued by the California Secretary of State. It verifies that a California Notary Public's signature is valid. When an American is seeking an educational opportunity or work abroad, the receiving school, college, or employer may request a verification of the student's educational record. This involves the American acquiring a notarized copy of his or her high school transcripts from the educational institution issuing the transcript. This notarized record then goes to the California Secretary of State, who issues an Apostille verifying that the signature of the California Notary Public is valid.

For more information about the Apostille process, see Notary Public Authentication

Foothill High School Registrar

Tel: (714) 730-7464 ext. 623

Fax: (714) 665-8823


California State University Fullerton
University of Southern California
Univ of California Berkeley
Chapman University
Santiago Canyon College