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Grading Survey

Please complete the Grading survey by 3 pm on Friday, May 22nd.

The Grading survey was sent out in an email to each student's MYTUSD Google mailbox on Tuesday, May 19th.

If you are unable to locate the email in your Google Inbox, you may access the survey here. 

Begin the  Grading survey here

TUSD COVID-19 Grading Policy

Final report cards for high school students (grades 9-12) will receive marks of “Credit” or “Incomplete.”  Letter grades will only be issued for classes selected by students.  Students must notify their teachers via the provided Grading Survey by Friday, May 22, in order to receive the letter grade option. 

Under both options, students will receive a “Credit” (or letter grade) that is equal to or higher than their third quarter grade, which was completed before school closures began.  Students who have not earned credit or a passing grade by the end of the semester will be given an “Incomplete.”  The “Incomplete” mark allows students to complete the course for “Credit” during summer school 2020, and fall and spring semesters 2020-21.