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FHS Showcase Night

FHS Showcase Night

March 26, 2020

**has been postponed due to Coronavirus public protocals**

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Athletics Forum in the Event Center

(Note: you do not need to attend unless you are interested in athletics)

6:00 - 6:15 pm

Welcome: Michelle England in the Gym

6:15 - 8:00 pm

Table Visits: Parents visit teachers in the Gym


Breakout Session A: 6:30 - 6:50 pm

Breakout Session B: 7:00 - 7:20 pm

Breakout Session C: 7:30 - 7:50 pm

Art Exhibit: 6:30 - 8:00 pm in the Art Gallery Hallway


BREAKOUT SESSIONS                        

Each session will be offered three times. See times below.

Session A (6:30 PM - 6:50 PM); Session B (7:00 PM - 7:20 PM); Session C (7:30 PM - 7:50 PM)





Film and Television/ Digital Media Program

  • Chris Price


Learn more about the four course Film and Television Digital Media pathway and tour the television studio where Foothill Television happens daily.  

AP/Honors/CP Classes

  • Monique Dale
  • Trevor Hershberger


What is the difference between AP/IB  and Honors? What are CP classes? Learn how to help your child decide on the best pathway for them.


  • John Emaguna
  • Brett D’Errico


Are you transferring to FHS from private school, out of district, or out of your home school? Come get your questions answered about this process and hear about why it is a great decision to come to FHS!


  • Kim Dang
  • Chanderika Subherwal


AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college readiness program where intrinsically motivated students receive academic, social, and emotional support that will help them succeed.   Join us to learn more about this opportunity, because AVID might be exactly what your student needs!


  • John Cooper
  • Dan Shell
  • Joanne McDermott


Learn about our nationally recognized Foothill Engineering and Technology pathway and why it could be a good fit for your student. Tour the facilities and get your questions answered.


  • Josh Hermanson



FHS is the only TUSD high school offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma  Program. Learn about the program, the potential benefits for students, and what to expect from this pathway.

World Languages

  • Kendra Fisher
  • Samantha Stein


We have three strong World Language programs offered at FHS: Spanish, French, and Latin. Learn about each program, which program could be the best fit for your student, and how your student can earn their Seal of Biliteracy.  


  • Chelsea Dehn
  • Tim Thomas


Does your student sing or play an instrument? Learn about our robust music program at FHS, the various options for students who join the program, and the benefits of the program for students.


  • Diane Sanchez (9th grade counselor)



What are the A-G requirements for high school? How can you help support your students with fulfilling these requirements? Come meet the FHS counselors and learn how to guide your student successfully through high school.


  • Keith Mosley


Our culinary program is unique to FHS. Meet the culinary teacher who brings it all to life, learn about the pathway, and tour the facilities.

Computer Science

  • Robert Hays
  • Matt Goto


FHS offers multiple computer science courses and pathways. Learn about all of the options available to students within this program.   

Mental Health/ Challenge Success

  • Jeff Bonds (FHS Counselor)


Come learn about how to support your student with mental health and the work FHS is doing with Challenge Success to promote student health and welfare on our campus.


  • Katie Montgomery
  • Lily Chu


Learn about our TUSD and FHS math pathways for high school students, and which courses could be the best fit for your student.

  • Brandee Lara
Little Theatre Come see student performances and learn about our Drama program.
Special Education
  • Special Education Teachers
118 Come ask questions and find out how students are supported through our Special Education program at FHS.


Table Talks   (6:15 PM - 8:00 PM) *Concurrent with Breakout Sessions

*Note: Table Talks are informal; teachers are at the tables to answer questions one on one or for you to pick up information about our various courses and programs. For a more formalized experience, consider attending a Breakout Session listed above.






  • Tiffanie Sun
  • Melinda Stebbins
  • Lily Womack Williams
  • Erica Furniss
  • Danielle Saul
  • Jan Scott


This is an opportunity for you to  meet some of our FHS English teachers, ask questions, and get answers. Discover the incredible English classes that  FHS offers and options for students at each grade level.


  • Dave Waibel
  • Mike Lee


Meet our Activities Directors and learn about student leadership opportunities at FHS.


  • AVID Students


We have a robust AVID pathway program. Meet some of our AVID students and learn about the classes that could be the best fit for your student.

History/Social Science

  • Robert Timm
  • Rick McKinley


Come meet some of our FHS History/Social Science teachers and learn about the different pathways offered within this content area.


  • Mark Ahlberg
  • Reena Fosse
  • Catherine Murashige


FHS science teachers from different levels are available to meet you, talk with you about the various science pathways we offer, and provide assistance with understanding our FHS shift to the three-course model with the Next Generation Science Standards.


  • Ross Goldman
  • Jason Paul
  • Mike Bohen
  • Sharon Kendall


Come meet some of our FHS math teachers and take advantage of the opportunity to talk through the various math pathways we offer at FHS.

World Languages

  • Steven Alejo
  • Omar Olmedo
  • Derek Rueschenberg


Meet two of our World Language teachers and find out more about the different programs we offer here at FHS. Do you speak Spanish at home? Our teachers will direct you to take a placement test this evening so that you can start in the Spanish class that is most appropriate for you!


  • Julie McGinis
  • Lisa Hermanson


Two of our FHS counselors are available to assist with any questions you have regarding classes and course offerings at our site.

Special Education
  • Dina Cassidy
  • Alex Sanchez
Gym Meet our Special Education department chairs and get any questions answered.
  • Dan Shell
Gym Find out more about our award-winning Foothill Engineering and Technology pathway.


Art Exhibition   (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM) *Concurrent with Breakout Sessions

Art Exhibition

  • Rose Huntington
  • Jeff Gillette
  • June Abrams


Two of our FHS counselors are available to assist with any questions you have regarding classes and course offerings at our site.