Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Enrollment Questions

My student is currently enrolled in a TUSD middle school. What do we do next?

  • Foothill High School counselors will hold an orientation at each of the middle schools in the Spring.

  • The Foothill presentation will be given to the 8th grade students tagged at the middle school to attend Foothill HS next year.

  • The counselors  will review the course selection sheet and share the Orientation power point with your student.

  • Your student will make his/her course selections through the Aeries portal at home with you.


How do Inter (outside TUSD) or Intra (within TUSD) district transfers enroll?


When will we find out if our transfer is approved?

  • All approvals or denials will be notified through email and your Transfer portal as soon as TUSD reviews all of the applications. 


My student attends a private school, but we live in the Foothill HS boundary. How do we enroll?


What happens next?

  • You will be given instructions for selecting your courses during the enrollment process.

  • At the end of July, your student will come to Foothill HS and go through the on-campus registration, where students receive their student ID’s & Course lists.


How does my student get into the IB program?


How does my student get into AVID?

  • Please attend the AVID presentation during FHS Showcase Night in March.

  • Students must complete an application, get their teachers’ recommendation and return the documents to Foothill High School.

  • For more information, go to


How does my student get into sports?