Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Paperwork

     Signed copy of online enrollment

 Proof of Identification for Parent/Guardian and Student  


  • Photo ID from a governmental agency (ex: Driver’s License or Passport)


  • Proof of the child's birthdate (ex: birth certificate, baptismal record, or passport)

Proof of Residence

1. One Legal Possession of Residence

  •  Rental or lease agreement (must include landlord/owner signatures)

  •  Escrow paper, mortgage payment coupon, property tax bill, or grant deed

  •  TUSD Residence Verification Form (found online or at TUSD site)

2. One Current Utility Bill

  • Gas, electric, or water bill dated within the last 90 Days

3. One additional current utility bill or id with current address

  • Photo ID must be from a governmental agency (ex: Driver’s License or Passport) 

Student Informationall are required

                                            Sign: _____________________  Date: ______

Additional Documents (if applicable)

  • Court custody/Foster documents

  • Caregiver Form in English or Caregiver form in Spanish 

  • Intra/Inter District Transfer email

  • Special Ed Interim Services form

  • Group Home Agreement

  • Language Designation or CELDT Testing Date: ______________________

***Enrollment is not complete until all of the required documents are presented***