Back to School Night

Welcome to Back to School Night 2021!

Date:    Wednesday, September 1st

Time:   6:00 pm

Place:  Virtually 

Click here to access the Zoom links

Schedule for the evening: 

         0 Period        6:15 – 6:25pm

         1st Period      6:30 – 6:40pm

         2nd Period    6:45 – 6:55pm  

         3rd Period     7:00 – 7:15pm  

         4th Period     7:20 – 7:30pm

         5th Period     7:35 – 7:45pm

         6th Period    7:50 – 8:00pm


FHS Administration Building
FHS Science Building
Foohill HS Quad

Just a reminder that Friday, September 3rd is a minimum day. The minimum day bell schedule is available here.