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Student Uniform Program


Fifteen elementary schools in the Tustin Unified School District have a student uniform program. They are: Barbara Benson, Benjamin Beswick, Helen Estock, Guin Foss, Robert Heideman, Heritage, Hicks Canyon, Ladera, Myford, W .R. Nelson, Red Hill, and Tustin Memorial elementary schools.

To ensure continuity among the schools, the District has developed a standard uniform dress code to be followed by all 15 schools and any school that chooses uniforms in the future. If you have questions, please call your local school.

TUSD Uniform Guidelines
Guidelines for TUSD uniforms are as follows: •

Shirts, polo shirts or blouses should be white and have a collar. • Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers should be navy blue, or plaid is acceptable for jumpers, skirts, and skorts. • Socks can be any color. • Shoes should be closed-toed; tennis shoes are acceptable. • All shirts should be tucked in. • Pants should fit well (no more than 2” bigger than natural waist size). • Belts are required for clothing with belt loops. • Existing coats and jackets are fine. •For girls – bike shorts may be worn under skirts and jumpers only.

NO - Jeans, sweatpants, or leggings - Logos on any clothing - Makeup

Where to Buy Uniforms
The following stores will carry year-round stock of uniform clothing suitable for wear at the school:
•JC Penney•Kohl’s•Nordstrom•Old Navy•Sears•Target

You may choose to shop anywhere you wish as long as the purchased clothing meets the TUSD uniform guideline.

What You’ll Need to Start the School Year
Here’s a list of basic uniform purchases to start the school year:

3+ White polo shirts or white blouses with collars (no logos)
3 Bottoms (skirts, skorts, shorts, or pants) in navy blue (or plaid for jumpers, skirts, and skorts)
1 Navy blue jumper (no logos)
** Open choice items: Socks, Hair Accessories, Shoes***

3+ White polo shirts or white dress shirts with collars (no logos)
2 Navy blue shorts, knee length or shorter (no logos)
1 Long pants, navy blue cotton or twill (no jeans)*
1 Belt (for any pants or shorts with belt loops)

Open choice items: Socks, Shoes***

* May want to wait until weather cools to purchase this item
** Optional

***Closed-toe or tennis shoe

NOTE: Some schools have additional colors or “spirit wear” options in their uniform program.