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Banner Placement

Tustin Unified School District Board of Education Regulation 1330: Banners and Signs

School groups, boosters and recognized community youth organizations may be permitted to place banners and signs promoting their activities under the following conditions:
  • Prior to banner sign installation, an applicant group shall obtain written approval from the TUSD Facilities Department.
  • Banner signs shall be fabricated of quality materials, professionally drawn and shall not exceed 32 square feet.
  • Banner signs shall not contain reflective or metallic materials, moving parts or lights and shall not be designed to incorporate any replication of traffic control signs, device, signal or directional guide sign.
  • Banner signs shall not be located so as to distract or block the line of sight of motorists or pedestrians.
  • Banner signs shall include the name of the sponsoring organization.
  • Banner signs shall not display prices.
  • No more than two banner signs shall be maintained on any District facility fence at the same time.
  • Banner signs shall be limited to City of Tustin and Tustin Unified School District related functions, non-profit or other community services organizations serving the residents of Tustin Unified School District.
  • Banner signs shall be permitted to remain posted on District facilities for a period not to exceed 14 calendar days. Each non-profit organization or community services organization shall be limited to the display of one banner sign per calendar quarter.
  • Banner signs shall be removed within one business day following the events or activities they advertise. If the banner is not removed or is placed without proper authorization, District personnel will remove the banner and there will be a charge of not less than $50 for that service and the return of the banner.
Note: Any banners displayed at COLUMBUS TUSTIN MIDDLE SCHOOL must be placed two fence panels to the right or left of the arched corner fence section. Banners may not be displayed on the corner fence.

Banner Placement Request Form