Administrative Services Division

Under the leadership of Crystal Turner, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, the Administrative Services Division consists of Educational and Information Technology. 

For more information, call (714) 730-7306.

Educational Technology 

Coordinator, Educational Technology
(714) 730-7301, ext. 51390
The Educational Technology Department is responsible for ensuring our schools use technology to prepare our students for success at work and in life.
Our mission is to support the mastery of core subjects and foster innovation in our classrooms.  We believe technology can enhance teaching and learning through: Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration.  We are committed to creating the support systems necessary to ensure student mastery of 21st century standards, assessments, curriculum and instruction.  We will provide professional development for our teachers and administrators with a focus on the 21st learning environment.
You can visit our website by clicking on this link TUSD Connect

Information Technology

Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology
(714) 730-7301, ext. 51379
The Information Technology Department is responsible for all of the technology in the District. A major responsibility is the designing, installing, and the maintaining of the networks at all of the sites, including the District Office. Information Technology provides all internet services including Web, Web filtering, ftp, and e-mail for District students and staff.  In addition, the department sets the standards for the purchase of software and hardware, maintains over 6,000 computers, approves all purchase orders for technology, and serves as a resource for questions related to technology.