Fundraising Request Procedures


1)    Coach/Teacher/Advisor must complete the online Fundraising Calendar Request Form (See Below)

a.    If Fundraiser will occur on District Property after school hours, groups must also fill out a district permit for use of facilities at 

2)    Approval Process will be approximately 3-5 business days.

a.  ASB votes to approve/deny fundraiser

b.    Administrator gives final approval/denial for fundraiser

c.    ASB Representative will notify the Contact that the event is approved (Meghan Basurto)

e.    If denied, an Administrator will notify the Contact of why fundraiser cannot occur

3)    Advertising

a.    School can advertise fundraiser in a variety of ways;

                                              i.     Marquee - $25 to run consecutively for 3-5 school days (Form is on Foothill Website)

                                           ii.     Posters on Campus – Submit approval of posters to David Waibel in the ASB office.  Once approved, students

                           must display posters in designated areas on campus

1.    Use Blue Painters Tape

2.    Must remove posters once event has concluded

4)    After Event

a.    Email and inform them of the actual budget/profit numbers (failure to do so may result in future fundraisers not being approved)