Mrs. Fresch
Getting to Know Mrs. Fresch
What College did you attend?

BA, San Diego State University; Teacher Credential, Cal State University Fullerton; MA, Azusa Pacific University

What is your experience as a teacher?

I have taught both third grade and fifth grade in the Orange Unified and Tustin Unified School Districts.

What is your experience as an administrator?

I worked as an Assistant Principal at Beswick Elementary for one year and Pioneer Middle School for three years. I was Principal at Benson Elementary for seven years. This will be my sixth year as Proud Principal of Guin Foss Elementary. All my administrative positions have been in the Tustin Unified School District.

What is your favorite aspect of school?

I thoroughly enjoy observing the students each and every day as they grow and learn. It is incredible to me to witness their skills emerge from letter recognition and printing in kindergarten, to novel reading and essay writing in fifth grade. My favorite subject to teach was math.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy running, reading, and traveling.

Tell us about your family.

Mr. Troy Fresch is the Assistant Principal at Pioneer Middle School in TUSD. My older sister Kam, and her husband Dave, have blessed our family with one nephew Brett, who we enjoy spending time with. I also have a younger brother, Kory Cook, who is a world champion BMX bicycle racer. My mother Mary, lives in Tustin Ranch, and my father and stepmother Tom and Jeanne, live in Old Town Orange where I grew up and went to Orange High School. I share these details with you because family is such an important and enriching part of everyday life and I know they will come around often to share in the joy of my principalship at Guin Foss.