2017-18 Transfers are Closed: See 2018-19 Transfers

The Transfer period has closed. However, if you wish to appeal this, please follow the detailed instructions below:

  • Email the following information to
    • Are you a TUSD Resident? (Out of District - SEE BELOW)
    • Parent Name
    • Student Name
    • Student's Date of Birth
    • Student's Current School (2017-18)
    • Student's Current Grade
    • Is your student eligible for or receiving Special Education Services?
    • First Choice School
    • Second Choice School
    • Written Appeal

Transfer FAQs

I want a transfer for NEXT School Year (2018-19)

Have you Moved?

  • Within the TUSD Boundaries (CHECK HERE), please inform your school site to update address and contact information.
  • Outside of the TUSD Boundaries (CHECK HERE), please obtain a "release or permit" (Interdistrict Transfer Agreement) from your new district of residence.
    • Please inform your district of residence that you are currently enrolled in the TUSD
    • Bring completed "release or permit" to Student Services for processing

Out of District Students

New Students please bring:

  • a completed Interdistrict Transfer Agreement commonly referred to as a "release" or "permit."
  • a current transcript or last report card
  • a current attendance record
  • a current discipline report. If unavailable, a statement of the student’s discipline record on school letterhead, signed and dated by school office personnel, is permitted.
  • If applicable, please provide a copy of the most recent, signed IEP as well as any amendments to the office of Student Services

What is an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement and is that different from a permit or a release?

An Interdistrict Transfer Agreement is document used when a parent wishes to enroll their student(s) at a school that is not their school of residence and that is not in their district of residence. All out of district students obtain releases annually to attend TUSD schools. The words "Permit," or "Release" are used to describe Interdistrict Transfer Agreement. They are all the SAME thing.

Students with an IEP

ALL NEW Students with IEP:

In order to support your student's educational goals and services, please provide a copy of the most recent, signed IEP as well as any amendments to the office of Student Services

Check Back for Updates

I have more than one student?

An application MUST be submitted for EACH Student requesting a transfer.

Are there any closed schools (not accepting transfer applications) for THIS year?

  • Beckman High School (ALL Grades)
  • Space availability at each school varies by grade and program.
  • If space is not available, Student Services will work with your family to see if another school is an option.

Updated: 1/17/2018

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