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McKinney-Vento Information

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act is Title X, Part C of the No Child Left Behind Act. This legislation ensures that children and youth experiencing homelessness have full and equal access to an appropriate public education and that they experience success in school. The program protects any student who is living under any of these conditions:

  • Living in a shelter (family, youth or domestic violence shelter or transitional living program)
  • Living in a motel, hotel or weekly rate housing
  • Living in a house or apartment with more than one family because of economic hardship or loss
  • Living in an abandoned building, in a car, at a campground or on the street
  • Living in substandard housing (without electricity, heat or water)
  • Living with friends or family because you are a runaway or unaccompanied youth

Under this legislation, a student is guaranteed enrollment in school, as well as, the opportunity to benefit from a variety of services to help meet educational needs. Services may include the following based on need and supply availability:

  • Backpacks and school supplies upon request
  • Free and reduced lunch program at school
  • Assistance in finding health, welfare and other county resources
  • Make educational needs linkages in the community
  • School enrollment assistance as needed

To self identify, please fill out the form below and turn in to your school office.
(English) Confidential Enrollment Form for Homeless Families
(Spanish) Confidential Enrollment Form for Homeless Families


Should a student need assistance with any of the above mentioned items, contact
your school site community liaison or the District' homeless liaison:

Michelle Everitt
714-730-7301 ext 51333