Personnel Services

Under the leadership of Dr. Chuck Lewis, Chief Personnel Officer, the goal of Personnel Services is to recruit and retain people who exhibit positive attitudes, genuine caring and exceptional enthusiasm, and maintain the highest moral and ethical standards for all District employees. Dr. Lewis serves as compliance officer and chief negotiator with all employee associations. Dr. Lewis is known for his ability to effectively work with employees and associations, build strong employee/employer relationships and come to successful conclusions of negotiations using a variety of strategies, all of which are built on trust and respect of the associations.

Personnel Administration

Dr. LewisChuck Lewis, Ed.D.
Chief Personnel Officer
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51338


Dr. De La TorreMaurita De La Torre, Ed.D.
Director, Personnel Services
714-730-7301 ext. 51328

Cynthia RamiezCynthia Ramirez
Manager, Personnel Services
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51303


Personnel Staff

Lori Dixon
Administrative Secretary
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51311

Roberta Meza-Duran
Credential Analyst I
Certificated Employment
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51337

Ivonne Velasquez Borja
Credential Analyst II
Certificated Employment
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51304
Melissa Villarreal
Personnel Specialist II
Classified Employment
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51412


Juan Lopez
Personnel Specialist II
Classified Employment
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51353


Wendy Dever
Personnel Specialist I
Health Benefits/Worker's Compensation/Substitute Teacher Employment
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51347

Marlene Alvarado
Office Assistant I
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51344

Elizabeth Patino
Office Assistant I
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51301