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Gifted and Talented Education  Program

The purpose of the Tustin Unified School District GATE Program is to provide gifted and talented students with an instructional program that meets their unique and diverse educational needs.  Instructional support for gifted learners is based on current research and best practice in the field of gifted education, and offers the necessary challenge for gifted students to reach their fullest potential.  The Tustin Unified School District Gifted and Talented Education Program provides students with a differentiated core curriculum that is designed to provide depth and complexity in thinking as well as opportunities for novelty and in-depth research, while nurturing their social and emotional well-being.  For more information, contact the GATE Department at or call us at (714) 730-7301, ext. 51372.

TUSD GATE Information Video

300 South C Street Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 730-7301 ext. 51372

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