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Legacy Magnet Academy is designed to focus on the education program of TIDE (Technology + Innovation+ Design + Entrepreneurship)

Future Legacy Magnet Academy Classroom Building

High Priority Planning Concepts:

Classrooms to have strong connectivity to outdoor learning areas

Grade levels to be organized in pods and supported by learning commons to support collaboration across subject areas

All spaces will be supported by high connectivity to wifi and electrical connections

Flexible learning spaces to support collaboration

Maker Space to be an Outdoor Learning Center

PJHM Architects have completed the design for the Legacy 6-12 Academy.

Construction Start: 2018

Construction Completion: 2020

Tustin Unified Legacy Magnet Academy Plan Update

A detailed map describing both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of construction is available upon request. The map includes the following information:

Phase I portion of the project is currently underway and includes the following:

  • 2-story classroom building with 24 State of the Art Classrooms
  • Administration Building
  • Parking lot
  • Play fields
  • Site infrastructure

Phase II portion of the work will be completed at a later date (yet to be determined and subject to available funding) and includes:

  • 2-story classroom building with 24 State of the Art Classrooms
  • Gymnasium building with locker rooms and a food service facility
  • Remaining work in the parking lot
  • Remaining site infrastructure

To request a map please email Jose Contreras, Manager, Facilities and Planning at