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Measure N Facilities Bond

School Building

A Message from the Superintendent:

TUSD Bond Measure N – Safe and Quality Schools for the Future

Students, teachers and staff in Tustin Unified schools do outstanding work every day.  In many cases, that work is challenged by old and deteriorating facilities that don’t lend themselves to the innovative and technology-based instruction that is common in our classrooms.  Many of our schools are over 50 years old and were constructed long before today’s world and needs could be imagined.  Despite being well-maintained, it’s time we invest in our oldest school facilities to ensure student success and to protect our investment in the campuses. 

In November, the Tustin Unified School District Board of Education took action to place a general obligation bond (Measure N) on the March 3 ballot to improve the school buildings inside the School Facilities Improvement District (SFID 20-1) that includes all of the oldest schools in the District.  The SFID excludes all neighborhoods that are paying Mello-Roos fees that built the schools in Tustin Ranch, West Irvine, Northpark, Orchard Hills and Tustin Legacy. 

The bond projects focus on the elementary and middle schools in the District, although every campus within the SFID will have work completed.  The projects focus on three areas:

Student Safety and Well-Being

  • Upgrade safety locks, security systems, surveillance systems, signage and fencing.
  • Upgrade fire systems and alarm and communication systems.
  • Modernize food service facilities, lunch shelters and sanitary facilities.
  • Create student support facilities.

Teacher and Learning Spaces

  • Modernize existing classrooms.
  • Create/retrofit innovation/hands-on learning labs.
  • Renovate multipurpose rooms.

Protecting Taxpayer Investments in school facilities

  • Update building systems including HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and power/power conservation systems.
  • Upgrade/repair infrastructure and utilities including natural gas, water, sewer, electrical and storm drain.

On March 3, voters within the SFID will be asked to answer the question:

TUSTIN SCHOOLS IMPROVEMENT AND SAFETY MEASURE – To improve student learning, provide safe/modern schools, repair/replace deteriorated roofs, plumbing, lighting and electrical systems, modernize science labs, improve school safety-security, replace aging portables with permanent classrooms, upgrade inadequate classrooms, by issuing $215 million in bonds at legal rates, levying 3 cents per $100 assessed value ($12.4 million annually) while bonds are outstanding, be adopted, with mandatory audits, independent oversight, NO administrator salaries, and all funds staying local?

I am proud to work in a District that supports its schools in many ways.  In March, the community will have an opportunity to make an investment in students that will benefit their education, the community, and property values for years to come.  


Gregory A. Franklin, Ed.D.


Tustin Unified School District

Measure N Documents