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Early College Credit

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment programs offer high school students opportunities to take tuition-free college courses on a high school or college campus.  These programs offer challenging curriculum, exposure to college environments and an opportunity to earn college units while still in high school.


High school students earn college units for a CTE course that has been validated by college faculty as equivalent to their college course.  Units are awarded after a student successfully completes the high school CTE course and completes the community college articulation process.  Units are posted to their college transcript as "Credit by Exam".  To learn more, review the What is Articulation? presentation.


Less time required after high school to finish college certificate or degree
Provides students with a head start on the college experience
Students may explore fields of study that help them choose a major later
Broad selection of courses beyond high school offerings
Reduces course duplication
Save time and money!