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2018-2019 RFPs


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Internal Fiber Connectivity
RFP#2018/2019-02 Exhibit 1
Internal Fiber Connectivity RFP Questions and Responses



Closed RFPs:

2018-2019 RFPs
iPad Repair Services
The iPad Repair Services RFP #2018/2019-01 was awarded to iTurity.
RFP#2018/2019-01 Exhibit 1 (Make a copy of the Spreadsheet to submit)
iPad Repair Services RFP Questions and Responses
Notice: The due date for RFP#2018/2019-01 has been extended to July 16, 2018 at 2 pm.

Closed RFPs:

2017-2018 RFPs
Learning Management System

The Learning Management Systems RFP #2017/2018-02 was awarded to PowerSchool Learning.

Closed RFPs:

2016-2017 RFPs
Website Services RFP
Notice: The due date for RFP#2016/2017-01 is extended to November, 29 2016 at 2 pm.

Awarded to Finalsite.

2015-2016 RFPs
Notice: The due date for both RFP#2015/2016-05 and 06 has been extended to March 1, 2016.
Deadline extended to March 1, 2016
RFP# 2015/2016-06 Exhibit 1 (Make a copy of the Spreadsheet to submit)
Deadline extended to March 1, 2016
Device Repair RFPs
The Device Repair RFPs 2015/2016-02 and 03 were awarded to iTurity.
Device Repair RFP 2015/2016-04 was awarded to CompuDirect 3000.

2014-2015 RFPs:

Closed: Mobile Device Management Services

RFP# 2014/2015-07

RFP# 2014/2015-07 Exhibit A

RFP# 2014/2015-07 Questions and Answers

Closed: WAN Lit or Dark Fiber

RFP # 2014/2015-05

RFP # 2014/15-05 Exhibit A

RFP 2014/2015-05 Questions and Answers

Closed: Network Hardware

RFP # 2014/2015-06

RFP # 2014/2015-06 Exhibit A

RFP 2014/2015-06 Questions and Answers

Closed: Lightening Keyboards

RFP #2014/2015-04 Scoring

Closed: STM Dux Cases

RFP # 2014/2015-03 Scoring

Closed: Laptop Sleeves

RFP #2014/2015-02 Scoring