Currie has an array of different clubs. There is something for everyone.

Book Club Contact Mrs. Welch or click here for the Library Page

Gardening Club Contact Mr. Byrns or Mrs. Nisbet or click here for the Garden page.

Academic Pentathlon Club Contact Mrs. Bruley or Miss. Area -

This is a selected team of 9 students (plus alternates) that competes in five academic subjects: science, math, literature, social studies and fine arts. Currie will have 7th and 8th grade teams participating in the Orange County Academic Pentathlon in spring. This year's topic is Africa. The students take academic tests as individuals, thus earning points for their grade level team. Additionally, the team competes TOGETHER before a live audience for the Super Quiz. The Academic Pentathlon promotes critical thinking, study skills, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership. Students must maintain their GPA and model RAD behavior. Students who are selected for the team must stay committed and sign a contract. Parent involvement is always a plus! Last year we placed 2nd in our division. This year, we are shooting for the stars!

Robotics Club Contact Mr. Byrns

Drama Club Contact Mrs. Bruley -

Drama club promotes teamwork and public speaking. Students play improv games, help with set design, and support school plays. The drama club is a fun way for students to make friends, take risks, and become more comfortable presenting before a large group.

Band Club Contact Mrs. Fisk - Currie Middle School currently offers Beginning Band and Advanced Band elective periods. Band students learn how to read and perform music on a wind or percussion instrument that is provided by Currie. Each group performs evening concerts throughout the school year.

Board Game Club Contact Mrs. Pierotti

Art/Comics Club Contact Mrs. Huynh

Femineers Club Contact Mrs. Jimenez