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Board Goals

Increase Student Achievement/Outcomes

  • Continue to implement the District’s research based Signature Practices of Cognitively Guided Instruction, Structured Literacy and Rigorous Curriculum Design.
  • Advance collaborative practices to review assessment results, improve initial instruction and determine intervention/enrichment needs.
  • Continue to expand opportunities within College and Career Readiness including: CTE pathway development, dual enrollment, certification, work-based learning and internship offerings.
  • Effectively use technology and software to improve student outcomes.
  • Implement interconnected systems of support to improve student engagement and wellness, utilizing the community specialists and community partners.

Advance an Inclusive, Caring and Collaborative Culture

  • Continue to promote and support a culture of high expectations for teaching, learning and interacting.
  • Focus on increased collaboration, shared decision-making, inclusion, ethical behavior and mutual respect for all students, staff and families.
  • Continue to work with associations to strengthen communication and relationships.
  • Expand leadership opportunities and training to engage staff, build capacity and further the vision of the District.
  • Continue to define District protocols and practices, leading to improved organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • Recruit, hire and retain high-quality employees that are representative of the communities we serve.  

Communication and Parent/Community Partnerships

  • Implement effective communication systems, including ongoing training, to deliver clear, consistent messaging to engage internal and external educational partners.
  • Celebrate District’s core values and the unique attributes of each campus.
  • Attend and be visible at school, district and community events/activities.
  • Develop parent/guardian training on educational programs, and current topics of interest to strengthen school-to-home partnerships and extend/reinforce learning at home. 

Financial Responsibility

  • Continue to prioritize, monitor, and review District systems, leading to improved fiscal prudency and accountability.
  • Maintain alignment of District resources with Board goals and priorities, and locally adopted plans (e.g. LCAP).
  • Employ strategies for improved student enrollment and attendance to increase general fund revenue.
  • Identify and utilize grants, donations, partnerships with PTA/O, businesses and community groups and partners to supplement District and school site revenues.

Provide Safe, Modernized and Productive Learning Environments.

  • Update and utilize the Facilities Master Plan to determine future modernization opportunities at school sites and the District Office.
  • Continue to develop, prioritize and implement the District’s deferred maintenance program.
  • Pursue state matching funds for facility projects that qualify for grant and/or state funding.
  • Continue to implement the District’s safe school priorities (e.g. mental health and counseling programs, staff and student training, school and classroom emergency resources and law enforcement partnerships).

Printable Version: 2023-24 Board Goals