Dress Code

In order to create an environment where all students can participate fully and focus on learning and academic achievement, Beswick, at the desire of our parent community, voted to adopt mandatory school uniforms.

The following are the guidelines:

School Uniforms: The school uniform consists of navy, light blue, red or white collar shirts or blouses; navy blue or khaki skirts, jumpers, pants, or shorts (Denim is allowed but not encouraged). All shirts must have a collar (turtlenecks are acceptable). All clothing must be one solid color (no stripes or designs of any kind) and be the student’s appropriate size. Shoes, socks, winter jackets and belts are exempt from the color scheme. Spirit uniforms with the school’s logo are available for sale in the office.


Student Council Theme Days (Twin Day, Backwards Day, etc.)

Nationally-recognized youth organizations uniforms (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) may be worn on regular meeting days.

Compliance: All students will be expected to wear their uniforms every day. In case of noncompliance, parents may be asked to bring a uniform to school for their child and/or a conference with an administrator will be held.

Financial Assistance: Families in need of financial assistance need to contact our community liaison for additional information at . Thanks to a strong partnership and tremendous generosity from the Assistance League of Tustin, most if not all students in need of a uniform receive 2 free of charge each year.

Alternatives: Students whose parents choose not to comply with mandatory school uniform requirements have the opportunity to request a waiver in writing to the principal.