Each of the schools in Tustin Unified School District is obligated by the rules and regulations of the Board of Education to prepare and share a discipline policy with students and parents. In general, our philosophy of discipline is based on the following assumptions:

Students, parents, and schools share the responsibility for discipline;

Personnel are responsible for providing an educational program which contributes to good citizenship/discipline;

School personnel have a responsibility to develop a discipline plan which includes positive reinforcement as well as consequences to promote acceptable behavior; and

School personnel shall strive to implement a program based on the recognition of the dignity and rights of the individual, and upon self-control.

As prescribed in various state laws, students will be expected to comply with school regulations, follow the course of study, and acknowledge the authority of school personnel. Therefore, because we believe that appropriate behavior and good discipline are an integral part of our curriculum and an aspect of training and guidance, we have developed the standards of behavior below for Beswick Elementary. The standards have been developed in order to:

Provide a safe environment in which to learn and grow;

Provide a classroom environment conducive to learning;

Provide a playground atmosphere that allows for the enjoyment of physical activity;

Provide a pleasant environment during the lunch period.

These standards are based on our school wide discipline plan. Each teacher will also implement specific classroom standards, rewards, and consequences, as appropriate.

School Wide Behavior Standards

All students are expected to:

Follow classroom, playground, bus and lunch area rules.

Listen and follow directions the first time.

Have needed materials ready.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Be respectful of others and property.

School Wide Academic Standards

All students are expected to:

Arrive at school on time.

Stay on task.

Complete class work on time.

Complete homework on time.

Positive Reinforcement

Raffles and Drawings

Classroom Rewards

Beswick Principal Awards

Recognition by Teachers and Administrators

Monthly movie with popcorn for raffle winners

Consequences (general guideline)

1st Offense- Conference with student and staff

2nd Offense- Staff assigned consequence

3rd Offense- Staff assigned consequence and parent contact

4th Offense- Conference with administrator, parent contact, and staff assigned consequence