Student Conduct

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Benson Student Conduct Policy

Discipline Philosophy Statement

All children have equal rights to an education in a safe, nurturing and orderly environment. It is the Principal's role to establish a climate that fosters these rights. Each child will be treated with respect and dignity. Fair and consistent rules have been established at Benson School to maintain a learning environment desired by our community, students and all staff.


That every child is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.
That every child has the right to learn in a calm and orderly environment.
That every child has the responsibility to respect others' rights to learn in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
That every child is responsible for his/her own behavior.
That every child shows responsibility by practicing self-discipline and trying to settle his/her own problems.


The school to promote, develop, and enforce codes of behavior.
The teachers to organize and manage an environment that is conducive to learning and to teach acceptable forms of behavior.
The students to accept and understand the logical consequences oftheir actions.
The parents to assist in reviewing the rules with their child and promoting support ofa safe, nurturing and orderly environment.
The school personnel and parents to recognize and respond appropriately to positive and negative behaviors.

Children will make appropriate choices when they know the standards of acceptable behavior. Children need to know the consequences for choosing whether or not to follow established expectations. Specific school and classroom standards and consequences have been developed and are included in this packet. Each teacher has the right to individualize their plan according to identified student needs and teaching style.

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