Parking Lot Safety

School Safety

Thank you to all our Benson parents for your understanding and support in our efforts to keep ALL our Benson students safe and for sharing our basic belief of putting student safety “first”.

Pedestrian Gate Hours

Daily- Except Early Release Days
Early Release Days
6:00 am- 8:10 am OPEN
6:00 am -8:10 am OPEN
8:10 am – 2:38 pm Closed During
School Hours
8:10 am – 1:09 pm Closed During
School Hours
2:38 pm – 6:00 pm OPEN 1:09 pm – 6:00 pm OPEN

Parking Lot


Always use the crosswalk when walking your children in the parking lot.


Please keep in mind the speed limit on Elizabeth Way is 25 MPH and in the Benson parking lot is 5 MPH. The Highway Patrol does enforce the speed limit on Elizabeth Way with random speed checks. Please help us keep everyone safe by observing the speed limit. Thank you!

We will continue to improve the safety procedures at the driveway entrance.
Thank you, in advance, for supporting our efforts to keep all our students safe and for respecting the adults on Drop Off Duty and Pick Up Duty.
  • ONLY a RIGHT turn into the driveway is available.
  • NO LEFT TURN into the driveway.
  • LEFT turn into the driveway will NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Student drop off is at the curb.

Do not enter the school parking lot through the “exit” driveway. The Highway Patrol will issue tickets.