Attendance Policy/ Report an Absence

Students who attend school regularly are shown to have higher academic achievement than students with frequent absences. By law, students are required to attend school punctually and regularly every day.

Excused Absence/Tardy: Absence for causes listed in the State Educational Code for bereavement, illness, medical, dental, legal, religious, and optometry appointments. Parents are encouraged to make doctor appointments later in the day, so that students do not miss prime learning time and do not incur excessive absences and/or tardies.

Unexcused Absence/Tardy: Absence for any reason other than those listed above. Truancy that is intentional is a violation of state attendance laws. Unexcused/unverified absences or tardies over 30 minutes are considered a truancy.

Trips, Vacations, Family Business: Students may be placed on an Independent Study Contract when it is necessary for them to be away from school because of trips, vacation, family business, etc. Independent Study Contracts are granted for absences lasting between 5-10 days. To obtain an Independent Contract, parents must contact the school office at least 3 days prior to the absence. All work assigned is to be completed during the absence and returned to school on the first day back in order to excuse the absences. If a student has more than 10 consecutive days of absences, he/she will be dropped from enrollment.

After any absence, students are required to bring a note from parents the day he/she returns to school. The note must list the date of the absences, specific reason for the absence, teacher, grade, and include a parent or guardian signature. A timely e-mail or phone call to the office is also acceptable in lieu of a note 714-730-7531.

Tardy students must report to the office for a TARDY SLIP. Tardies/early dismissals for causes listed in the State Educational Code for bereavement, illness, medical, dental, and optometry appointments will be excused if accompanied by a note. All other reasons will be marked unexcused and results in truancies. Please help your child organize his/her will arrive regularly on time.

Excessive Absences/Tardiness/ Truancy Procedures and Consequences:

  • 3 unexcused absences or truancies or 5 excused absences/tardies - Letter Home
  • 4 unexcused absences or truancies or 10 excused absences/tardies - Letter Home/Phone Call
  • 5 unexcused absences or truancies or 15 excused absences/tardies - Letter Home/SST Meeting
  • 6 unexcused absences or truancies or 20 excused absences/tardies - School Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • 7 unexcused absences or truancies or 25 excused absences/tardies - District Attorney (Local Police Station)

Homework may be requested for your child by calling the front office if students are absent for 2 or more consecutive days.