Super Boosters

Important Information

Super Booster Fundraiser Approval Process

All fundraisers have to be approved by both Super Boosters and Administration at BHS.

A master list of the approved fundraisers is maintained by TUSD staff. The master list is updated as new fundraisers are approved. Super Booster President will distribute an updated list whenever changes have been made.

Any fundraiser on the master list is owned and controlled by the assigned booster group as long as they hold that fundraiser a minimum of every other year. In other words, any group can choose not to do a fundraiser they control for one year, but not for two years or more. In an off year, another group could do the fundraiser, but only with the understanding the assigned booster group has the right the following year to take back the fundraiser.

Process for fundraiser approval:

  1. Complete Fundraiser Approval Request Form. Allow for a two week approval process.
  2. Submit completed form to either the Assistant Principal of Activities or Super Boosters President. Form can be dropped off at Assistant Principal of Activities office at BHS.
  3. Fundraiser is reviewed, and approved or denied. Boosters organization submitting request will be notified via email.
  4. Approved fundraisers are added to Master List. Master list is distributed when updated.