Community College Classes

What is Dual and Concurrent Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment Concurrent Enrollment
  • Enroll in a college class within our BHS bell schedule
  • Grades/Credits posted on HS. transcript AND college transcript
  • Counts as one of your Beckman classes
  • Info sessions required
    • Classes Offered:
      • IVC Business 
      • IVC Dance
      • IVC Communications
      • IVC KNES/NUT
  • Enroll independently in a college class
  • Max of 2 community college courses on Beckman Transcript
  • Cannot be used to meet graduation requirements
  • Max of 1 course per semester and 2 courses in the summer
  • Healthy Limits & max of 7 classes applies
Who is a good fit?
  • Independent
  • Strong time management skills
MOST classes taken outside TUSD will NOT be included on the student’s Beckman transcript. Such classes serve ENRICHMENT purposes only and will NOT serve to advance to a higher level or remediate a prior grade.

Students Wishing to Take Community College Courses:

  • Community College classes cannot be taken for advancement or to fulfill TUSD graduation requirements (such as English, Algebra, Geometry, World Language, World History, US History, Government and Economics). - For example, you cannot take Geometry at a community college to skip Geometry at Beckman or take Spanish 2 at a community college and take Spanish 3 at Beckman.
  • Community College classes count as a weighted class, therefore, BHS ”Healthy Limits” waiver applies. 
  • BHS policy of “7 class MAX” applies during the school year and 2 class MAX during the summer.
  • Early College Program students will not be allowed to request additional classes to go on their Beckman transcript.
  • Students with an impacted schedule who need to take a visual/performing art course to meet the “F” requirement for A-G UC/CSU eligibility may be approved to take a community college course.
  • Beckman will add up to two (2) Community College courses to the high school transcript over the course of a student’s 4-years of high school.
  1. Identify the community college and the course you want to take. - Students: Check the prerequisites to see if you qualify for the course and if space is available.
  2. Follow the community college’s K-12 Program enrollment steps on their website (see below).
    1. Online K-12 Forms (IVC & GWC) will automatically be submitted to parent email and then administration for signature.
    2. If the college does not have an online process, email the completed college K-12 form PDF (AKA: Special Admit Form) to
  3. Students must request an official transcript from the Community College be sent directly to your Beckman counselor within six weeks of course completion to include it on the Beckman transcript. Two ways to submit official transcripts:
    1. Electronic: Request an official transcript be sent from the community college to Beckman HS directly utilizing the community college's transcript service (i.e. Parchment). List Mrs. Jennifer Lindquist as the recipient her email is
    2. Sealed Envelope: Request an official, sealed copy, of the transcript and hand-carry it to the Beckman HS counseling office. 

Deadlines for transcripts to be received: 
  • Summer Courses: October 1
  • Fall Courses: February 1
  • Spring Courses: September 1

Once the Community College grade is posted to the transcript, it cannot be removed or changed.

K-12 Program Enrollment Information & Steps:

Other Local Community Colleges:

OCC Concurrent Enrollment Fall 2021: