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We Love Our School Counselors!

We Love Our School Counselors!

Our school counselors play a critical and meaningful role in helping our students achieve school success and plan for a career. Our school counselors inspire our students to dream big and we are grateful for their impact on the success of our students. Please join us in thanking: Jayme Acosta (THS), Emily Alvarez (COSA), Luz Arellano (BHS), Yesenia Barajas (CT), Nubia Barcelo (Hillview), Amy Bledsoe (THS), Esther Bomanrogers (Beckman), Jeff Bonds (FHS), Mandy Bremner (Hicks Canyon/Orchard Hills), Miranda Castillo (Nelson), Erin Charles (BHS), Bianca Contreras-Garcia (Loma Vista), Jackie Davila (Sycamore), Diane Diaz (FHS) Elizabeth Diaz (COSA), Jessica Edwards (Sycamore), John Emaguna (FHS), Katy Fernandez (Heideman), Kennedy Fulcher (Ladera), Ashley Hagstrom (THS), Sarah Halili (TMA), Jessica Hansen (Heideman), Julie Hazard (Ladera/Peters Canyon), Kati Hersey (THS), Cindy Hoang (TRE/Myford), Christine Hughes (Legacy), Alex Jimenez (Hewes), Tiffani Jue (CT), JoAnne Kurtz (Pioneer), Janet Le (Legacy), Heather Luis-Martinez (Heritage), Julie McGinis (FHS), Sarah Montes (Orchard Hills), Juan Morante (Pioneer), Esther Park (Orchard Hills), Lauren Peyton (Guin Foss), Ashley Posavec (Utt), Vivian Rangel (Estock), Erica Rosas (Beckman), Dwight Schmidt (BHS), Claudia Sermeno-Golly (Utt), Summer Serna (Beswick), Laura Sewell (Estock), Anjali Sheth (Hewes), Katie Siapin (Benson) Jessica Sotelo (THS), Joshua Strong (Arroyo/Red Hill), Erin Swanson (THS), Sara Thede (Hillview), Lillian Tran (Adult Ed), Kristi Urfano (Sycamore), Cassie Vargas (FHS), Kendall Wien (CT), Robyn Wijnhamer (Tustin Connect), and Veronica Williams (THS).

Slideshow of School Counselors during NSCW