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Beckman's Grace Lin Named Artist of the Year

Beckman's Grace Lin Named Artist of the Year

This week, Beckman Studio Arts Pathway student Grace Lin was celebrated as a 2024 Artist of the Year by the Orange County Register. At a ceremony hosted at Chapman College, Grace was honored for her talents in Media Arts. She was chosen from the nearly 900 students nominated, with only seven Artists of the Year selected, along with 27 finalists.

As Grace's teacher Samantha Squieri shares, "Her voice shines through in each of her pieces. Beyond her technical skills, Grace's concepts are truly what separate her from the average student. She explores a type of beauty that can be captured through a darkness. She demonstrates this through ominous topics or playing with juxtaposition and contrast." Ms. Squieri also highlights Grace's character, noting her admirable work ethic and dedication to expanding her artistic knowledge, while also staying humble. We are honored to join the Beckman community in celebrating Grace Lin!