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Arroyo Enjoys Top Spot in Dash Registration Race

Arroyo Enjoys Top Spot in Dash Registration Race

Our Arroyo Mustangs have taken the lead in the race for the most Dino Dash registrations. During their Monday flag ceremony, students were treated to a prehistoric dance party led by two inflatable dinosaurs. The excitement was contagious as our students stomped and grooved to the beats of "The Dinosaur Stomp." Arroyo is just fifty registrations away from shattering last year's record. The school with the most registrations not only secures bragging rights, but also wins a trophy and $1000 from the Tustin Public Schools Foundation (TPSF). We love seeing our students kickstart their mornings with incredible fun and a strong sense of community. Join Arroyo and all of our campuses at the TPSF Dinosaur Dash on November 5 by registering at the TPSF website.