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Mission Statement Clip ArtThe mission of the Tustin Unified School District, a learning community rich in heritage and committed to a tradition of excellence, is to ensure that each student optimizes individual achievement through an educational system characterized by challenging and exciting curricula and inspiring personalized instruction, in partnership with our dynamic and involved communities.

TUSD at a Glance

Distinguished Schools

Tustin Unified School District
Distinguished Schools

National Blue Ribbon Schools
Arroyo Elementary School - 1990, 2007
Helen Estock Elementary School – 1990
Peters Canyon Elementary School - 2005
Tustin Memorial Academy - 2007, 2016
Hewes Middle School - 1993
Pioneer Middle School - 2008
Foothill High School - 1996


California Gold Ribbon Schools
Arroyo Elementary School – 2016
Barbara Benson Elementary School – 2016
Benjamin Beswick Elementary School – 2016
Helen Estock Elementary School – 2016
Guin Foss Elementary School – 2016
Robert Heideman Elementary School – 2016
Hicks Canyon Elementary School – 2016
Ladera Elementary School – 2016
C.C. Lambert Elementary School – 2016
Loma Vista Elementary School – 2016
Myford Elementary School – 2016
Peters Canyon Elementary School – 2016
Red Hill Elementary School – 2016
Jeane Thorman Elementary School – 2016
Tustin Memorial Academy – 2016
Tustin Ranch Elementary School – 2016
Marjorie Veeh Elementary School – 2016
Currie Middle School - 2015
Hewes Middle School - 2015
Pioneer Middle School - 2015
Orchard Hills School - 2015
Beckman High School - 2015
Foothill High School - 2015
Tustin High School - 2015


California Distinguished Schools
Arroyo Elementary School - 1989, 2000, 2006, 2014
Barbara Benson Elementary School – 2004
Benjamin Beswick Elementary School - 2014
Guin Foss Elementary School – 2010, 2014
Helen Estock Elementary School - 1989
Hicks Canyon Elementary School – 2008, 2012
Ladera Elementary School – 2006, 2014
Myford Elementary School - 2006, 2010, 2014
W.R. Nelson Elementary School - 1997, 2004
Peters Canyon Elementary School - 2004, 2008, 2014
Red Hill Elementary School - 2008
Thorman Elementary School - 2006
Tustin Memorial Academy – 2006, 2014
Tustin Ranch Elementary School – 2010, 2014
Marjorie Veeh Elementary School – 2004
Orchard Hills School (5-8) – 2013
Columbus Tustin Middle School - 1999
C.E. Utt Middle School – 2005, 2013
A.G. Currie Middle School - 1994
Hewes Middle School - 1990, 1999, 2005
Pioneer Middle School - 2003, 2007, 2013
Arnold O. Beckman High School - 2007, 2011, 2019
Foothill High School - 1994, 1999, 2005
Tustin High School - 1996

California Model Continuation School
Hillview High School – 2004, 2015

Title I Academic Achievement Schools
Barbara Benson Elementary School - 2016
Benjamin Beswick Elementary School – 2014, 2016
Guin Foss Elementary School – 2011, 2016
Robert Heideman Elementary School – 2016
C.C. Lambert – 2016
W.R. Nelson Elementary School – 2009, 2010
Helen Estock Elementary School – 2004, 2005, 2016
Loma Vista Elementary School – 2016
Jeanne Thorman Elementary School – 2016
Marjorie Veeh Elementary School – 2004, 2016
A.G. Currie Middle School - 2014

District Map

See the map below for general school locations. Navigate to the school locator for an interactive image and more detailed information about each school. 

Map of Tustin Unified schools and boundaries


Tustin Unified School District

A tradition of excellence in education began with the creation of the Tustin community in the late 1800s. The District was established July 1, 1972 upon unification of the Tustin Elementary School District and Tustin Union High School District.

A Legacy of Excellence

The legacy of Tustin's schools dates back to the 1860s - two decades before Orange County became independent of Los Angeles.

Education was a priority of Tustin's namesake and community developer Columbus Tustin, a Petaluma carriage maker who purchased 839 acres in the 1860s and plotted streets and square blocks through a terrain of wild mustard and sycamore trees.

In 1872, he built a one-room schoolhouse and donated it to the community. Originally called Sycamore School District because of the abundant sycamore trees in the foothills, its first trustees were elected by 11 voters. Residents also approved a tax rate to provide $740 to build a larger schoolhouse and $300 for school supplies. The District's first teacher, Miss Annie Cozad, was paid $60 per month; its second teacher came five years later.

Tustin's plans for a large city were temporarily waylaid in 1877 when Southern Pacific Railroad built its southern terminus in Santa Ana instead of Tustin. Columbus Tustin died in 1883 just as the community's population began to grow with new homes, stores, places of worship, and an addition to the school.

The school district was renamed the Tustin School District with the creation of the County of Orange in 1889. After the turn of the century, Tustin grew as the upscale residential suburb of Santa Ana, the county seat of government. Tustin's homes and businesses reflected that upscale lifestyle and so did its schools.

Growth in the early 20th Century mirrored that of many Orange County communities with larger schools built to accommodate an expanding population. Tustin Union High School opened in 1922 and served five elementary school districts: Tustin, San Joaquin, Trabuco, El Toro, and Laguna.

Residents voted for unification in 1972 and Tustin's elementary and high schools were unified as a single district - Tustin Unified School District.

Today the District serves over 24,000 students at 18 elementary schools, a K-8 school, 5 middle schools, and 4 high schools. Its administrative center is located at 300 South C Street in Tustin.

District Administration Center and School Bell

The Tustin Unified School District offices are in the remodeled grammar school auditorium, built in 1950. After the grammar school was vacated, the elementary district administration moved from the Little Red School House into this building. The bell, cast in 1887, originally hung in the old Victorian schoolhouse and today welcomes visitors to the District Administration Center at 300 South C Street in Tustin.

Updated: September 11, 2014

Teacher of the Year Program



Tustin Unified School District Teacher of the Year Program

The Tustin Unified School District’s annual awards program recognizes outstanding teachers who have displayed extraordinary teaching, creativity and excellence at their school and community. Winners and all the District’s nominees are honored at the annual Teacher of the Year Dinner in May. The event is co-sponsored by the Tustin Public Schools Foundation and the Tustin Unified School District.

The winning teachers represent the District in the Orange County Teachers of the Year program. The number of teachers to be chosen to represent districts in the Orange County Teachers of the Year program is determined Orange County Department of Education. The Orange County Department of Education interviews selected candidates and announces winners in May. The county finalists then go on to the California and National Teacher of the Year programs.

* Orange County Teacher of the Year Semifinalist
** Orange County Teacher of the Year Finalist
*** Orange County Teacher of the Year AND California Teacher of the Year







Elementary Level

Secondary Level


                            Megan Venezia*                           Estock Elementary School

                           Stacy Colon                             Beckman High School


Elizabeth Catron
Heritage Elementary School

Chris Price
Foothill High School


Courtney Smith**
Tustin Memorial Academy

Zachariah Samarin*
A.G. Currie MS


Janis Leach**
Arroyo ES

Johnny Gonzalez
Beckman HS


Jennifer Morrow
Hicks Canyon ES


Joy Wardlaw
Orchard Hills School








Elementary School

Middle School

High School


Cindy Ellis

Tustin Ranch ES

Jennifer Kang-Rodriguez

A.G. Currie MS

Jeff Farr

Foothill HS


Jennifer Sandland**
Peters Canyon ES

Kristina Posavec
C.E. Utt MS

David Goldenberg***
Beckman HS


Tina Kim**
C.C. Lambert ES

Jaclyn Martin
Pioneer MS

Monique Dale
Foothill HS


Michael Hoffmann
C.C. Lambert ES

Jamie Joyce*
A.G. Currie MS

Heather Combest
Hillview HS


Emily Neddersen
Myford ES

Lisa Fuggitti
Pioneer MS

Darin Hallstrom*
Beckman HS


Kimberly Luther
Hicks Canyon ES

Alison Ngo
Columbus Tustin MS

Natasha Hamlin*
Tustin HS


Katy Sheyka
C.C. Lambert ES

Eric Kilian**
Hewes MS

Joan Kasper
Foothill HS


Ted Wert
Arroyo ES

Ian Williamson*
C.E. Utt MS

Linda Levine*
Tustin HS







Dean Jennings
Hewes MS

John Nolan
Foothill HS


Doug Fischer
Pioneer MS

Annie Tran
Tustin HS


Monica Azimioara*
Columbus Tustin MS

Dr. Paul Lewanski***
Tustin HS


Dan Langston*
C.C. Lambert ES

Helen McCabe**
A.G. Currie MS


Susan Anthony
Loma Vista ES

Susan Geery*
Tustin HS


Georgeanna Stark
C.E. Utt MS

Sean Pfaff
Foothill HS


Carla Poellnitz*
W.R. Nelson ES

Kathy Sampson
Columbus Tustin MS





Darin Hallstrom
A.G. Currie MS


Kathy Greenwood
Marjorie Veeh ES


David Peay
Hewes MS and Foothill HS


Rhonda Parks**
W.R. Nelson ES


Betsy Banyard-Florence
Columbus Tustin MS


Diana Carr
Helen Estock ES


Diane Aust
Hewes MS


Bonnie Sharp**
Columbus Tustin MS


Beth Self
W.R. Nelson ES


Lisa Roseman**
Tustin HS


Shirley Saunders
Jeane Thorman ES


Barbara Johnson
Hewes MS


Classified Employee of the Year Program

Classified Employee of the Year Program

Tustin Unified's annual awards program recognizes classified or support services employees whose contribution to TUSD have proven to be outstanding.

The award is given to the classified employee who provides valuable services to schools and staff, contributes to a positive instructional environment, and goes above and beyond their job requirements.



Classified Employee

Position / Location


 Honour       Del Crognale

School Library Media Technician                   Heritage Elementary School
2018 Veronica Rivas

Community Liaison                                  Heideman Elementary Scool

2017 Patty Ellis School Secretary
Estock Elementary School


Al Acosta

Head Custodian
Pioneer Middle School


Lily Kozai

Columbus Tustin Middle School


Shawna Whiteside

School Secretary
Arroyo Elementary School


Pierre Sanjurjo

Beckman High School


Margie Bowker

Special Education Paraeducator
Ladera Elementary School


Theresa Duran

School Secretary
Foothill High School


Frank Rodriguez

Head Custodian
Hewes Middle School


David Miranda

Head Custodian
Red Hill Elementary School


Maryellen Sweeney

Computer Resource Assistant
W.R. Nelson Elementary School


Amador Espinoza

Head Custodian
Hicks Canyon Elementary School


Tim Groleau

Head Custodian
Guin Foss Elementary School


Gilbert Rivera

Campus Supervisor
Tustin High School


Jeff Azvedo

Head Custodian
Peters Canyon Elementary School


LaVerne Skinner

Lead Payroll Clerk
District Administration Center


Karen Hansen

Special Day Class Instructional Aide and
Noon Duty Supervisor
Loma Vista Elementary School


Bob Zanine

Head Custodian
C.C. Lambert Elementary School


Irene Thomas

Community Liaison
Hewes Middle School


Al Galloway

Campus Supervisor
A.G. Currie Middle School


Amy Nakamoto

Clerk Typist
W.R. Nelson Elementary School

Updated June 2016