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Monday, December 11, 2017
MWF Regular Bell Schedule


Boys Basketball: The Tillers have had a great weekend finishing their tournament strong with a 3-1 record.

Come out and support the Boy’s JV Basketball team TONIGHT at 6:00pm, as they take on Loara High School. There will be no fee admission, game is free.

Tomorrow will be the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team’s home opener at 7:00pm against El Dorado. Come out and show your Tiller support.

Girls Basketball: Wednesday, December 13th, the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team will open their season at 7:00pm against El Modena HS in the Pavilion. Come out and show your Tiller support!


THS Food Drive: Please bring your canned food donations for our annual Food Drive through Thursday, December 14th to your 1st period classes.

Winter Spirit Week is this week, leading up to the assembly this Friday, so make sure to show your winter spirit this week!

MONDAY- Pajama Day

TUESDAY- Candy Cane Day (wear red & white)

WEDNESDAY- Holiday Hat Day

THURSDAY- Holiday Sock Day

FRIDAY- Ugly Sweater Day


Community and Kids Education (CAKE)-Monday @ lunch in room 226
Make-A-Wish-Monday @ lunch in room 221
Robotics Club-Mondays @lunch in room 5205
Rooted-Mondays @lunch in room 5106
SADD-Mondays @Lunch in room 811
THS Sports Medicine Club-Mondays @ lunch in room 5107
THS Young Americans for Freedom Chapter-Mondays @lunch in room 809
TIDES-Mondays @lunch in room 5105
Tiller Buddies-Mondays @ lunch in room 111

Tiller Buddies: the next Tiller Buddy event will be this Wednesday, December 13th at lunch. Join in on the fun as we will be making snowflakes to celebrate winter. Location will be announced next week.


T-Shirts for Sale!!: We have extra Senior Class of 2018 t-shirts available. They are $10 and the long-sleeved THS Beach Bash t-shirts are $15. They are available in the student store while supplies last!!

Senior Diploma Signature Card: Thank you to those seniors who have already submitted your names to complete your Diploma Signature information! Please complete this mandatory step in the diploma process if you have not done so already. You were sent the Google link during CCR and can also find this form on the #SENIORSEVERYTHING tab on the THS website. Please type your legal name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate or passport. Your diploma is a legal document, and your name must not contain nicknames, initials, or abbreviations. At graduation practice however, you will be given a reader card on which you may specify another way to have your name read during the graduation ceremony. The final deadline for submitting your full name is Thursday, December 21st so the diplomas can be ordered.


Seniors! We have received news that some Cal State Campuses are still accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Please check each campus and major to verify if yours is still open! Here are the campuses and dates:





Channel Islands


Dominguez Hills


East Bay






Monterey Bay


San Francisco


San Marcos






ROP: Only 1 week left to enroll in an ROP class for spring semester. To learn more about all these career opportunities, stop by the College & Career Center!

Internship: The Bank of America Student Leaders Program is currently accepting applications from Juniors and Seniors for their 8-week, paid summer internship with partner non-profit organizations. This internship is designed to provide opportunities for the students to develop and apply leadership skills through hands on work experience, while raising awareness of community issues addressed by their host organization. To learn more and apply, please visit before the February 2, 2018 deadline!

College Visits: One more college visit today and 5 more next week! Sign up for upcoming visits on Naviance.





Tue, December 12

U.S. Navy


1:10 PM

Wed, December 13

State of California National Guard


1:00 PM

Wed, December 13

Santiago Canyon College


1:00 PM

Thu, December 14

United States Air Force


1:10 PM

Thu, December 14Orange Coast College8011:10 PM


Tuesday Detention: We will be having Tuesday Detention tomorrow, from 2:45pm – 3:45pm. Students report to the cafeteria. *Any student who attends will receive double credit, great opportunity seniors.

Yearbooks: There’s only 1 week left to get your yearbook now while it’s still $85! Prices will go up to $90 on December 22nd. Do not miss out on memories- buy yours TODAY at the THS student store or online at!


December Birthdays: Lindsay Fay 3, Mary Jo Rado 8, Chris Miguel 9, Eric Zamora 9, Nicole Thackrah 10, Geoffrey Pinney 13, April Burr-Adams 13, Candy Caldwell 15, Ryan Miller 15, Michelle Siteman 17, James Tindukasiri 19, Olga Reardon 20, Kyrsten Koops 20, Jimmy Romero 21, Sheila Moeller 23, Jeanine Raab 28, Ed Hernandez 28, Sarah Markley 31.

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From the desk of Dr. Tuin, THS Principal
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A student asked me yesterday what I liked about my job, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the week. I get to work with talented, passionate, and hardworking people towards one of the highest callings in life: growing and preparing young people. A plethora of learning events and school activities occurred this week, and I had the privilege of participating in, or observing, several. However, the highlight for me this week was finding out we have students being recognized for outstanding work in a variety of venues. That is particularly gratifying because I know what amazing young people we have here in our Tiller community, and it is encouraging to hear that others outside our community recognize the talent, passion, and hard work of our students.

Mr. Hernandez, our T-Tech program leader, spent the past couple of weeks trying to sit me down with a representative from Boeing to inform me about their internship program. I’m always interested in learning how our students can get connected to real world opportunities, but I no idea the extent of this Boeing initiative. They bring in 76 junior high school students from 14 of the top schools in Orange County. It is a testament to our T-Tech program that we have students actually participating in this highly selective program. Not only do these students participate in real world problem-solving and collaboration, but they are also meticulously scored throughout this summer program. We were extremely fortunate to have six students accepted into this outstanding internship. It was even more impressive to hear the Boeing representative describe our students and how well they faired among some of the best and brightest of Orange County.

I also received an email this week from Representative Mimi Walters’ office informing me that one of our junior Tillers recently won an app contest for California’s 45th Congressional District. Sishir Giri developed an app ( to help students get connected with teachers and other students for academic support. He will get an opportunity to meet Representative Walters to show her his app. He will also enter a national level competition as well. I was particularly impressed to hear that he entered an app last year and won 2nd place as a sophomore. Sishir went back to work and came up with even better idea this year!

The Tiller All Male Dance Team recently received some good news as well, but I won’t be able to share the specifics of that until later in the year. Right now they are busy preparing with our Girls’ Dance Team and other performing groups for next week’s Winter Assembly. It is awesome to see that our hard working artists are getting recognition as well.

While I enjoy watching and participating in the everyday life of our school community, I also enjoy looking at the “big picture” and working collaboratively to develop long range focus and action plans. A meeting that required big picture perspective this week was our School Site Council, made up of admin, teachers, students, and parents. We revisited our three school goals and talked about our efforts to successfully achieve them. Growing Social Emotional Learning (SEL), A-G compliance, and student writing described our three goals. We have a lot going on and it feels sometimes that we are pulled in different directions, but these are our primary areas of focus. It is good sometimes to be reminded of what we have determined to be our priorities.

The monthly principals’ meeting represented another big picture event. We spent the bulk of our time pouring through data from the Check-In Assessment scoring for English, Math, and Science. It was interesting to see the results and consider the learning exhibited and the opportunities for growth.

Yet another big picture activity for us this week was our faculty survey related to our SEL implementation. As I read through every single response, I was encouraged by the acknowledgement of efforts to grow SEL skills this year. The survey also indicated that we have much to do, but I appreciate the collective energy behind this work. I appreciate teachers providing input. It makes us become a better school when we consider multiple perspectives.

Speaking of perspectives, this week was particularly interesting for me as I engaged in getting to know the stories behind some of our students. Whether a boy born in Nepal who lived in multiple countries before settling in the US, a girl born in Somalia who also lived in multiple countries before coming to the US, a girl born in the US and moved with her family to Bangladesh to learn the language and culture and returned to the US, or a girl who was the first in her family born in the US after her family immigrated from Mexico, they all shared their gratefulness for their family and the opportunity to attend Tustin High School. Our school has such a rich array of students from so many backgrounds and perspectives. I am so grateful to be part of a community that values and embraces such diversity.

While I contemplated the big picture and global perspectives, day to day life of a thriving high school continued, and will continue. Wednesday night was our Junior College Night where families got practical information about what local schools have to offer. Yesterday was our blood drive that bustled all day from student, staff, and community donors. Monday night was a boys’ home soccer game where they came back from a second half deficit of 0-1 to end up in a 2-2 tie. This team has already demonstrated character and perseverance in this young season. Last night was a girls’ soccer game where our Tillers prevailed 1 – 0. What looked like a close game on the scoreboard, was actually a dominate performance as our girls controlled the ball for the vast majority of the competition.

Other important events this week will actually occur today as we celebrate our Tillers of the Quarter and the Tustin Unified School District Board of Education will be here to visit our school. Tillers of the Quarter is an event where teachers select two students of the quarter, and invite them to lunch. Our lunchroom will be filled with teachers and students celebrating student achievement, hard work, and citizenship. The school board visit will also be a form of celebration as we take them around campus to show them the good work going on in our school. We are grateful to a board and community that is committed to upgrading the facilities and technologies. We will also show how our instructional practices are maximizing those resources.

Speaking of “special”, what a great way to describe last night’s Winter Concert. Mr. Fisk, Mr. Peay, and Mr. Hirsch conducted and accompanied a wonderful night of music featuring both our students and community vocalists. These students work extremely hard each day under outstanding instructors and it showed. I was intentional about tuning in (pun intended) and enjoying the moment. I focused on taking in the sights and sounds of the evening. As I sat with parents and families, I could sense the communal pride in the performers featured.

The Wind Ensemble started the evening off playing some inspiring music; including the musical number they performed at Disneyland just a couple of days before while marching down Main Street. One particularly touching moment came when our very own Data Processing Technician, Myra Rivera-Smith, sang a beautiful ballad with support from the choir. What made it extra-special was watching her daughter, Monica, dance gracefully and joyfully to the music. What a special and intimate moment transpired in front of a captivated audience, a moment I was grateful to experience.

Equally as special for me was listening to Tustin High School junior, Oscar Aguilar, sing a beautiful rendition of “Mary, Did You Know?” that featured his exquisite baritone voice with support of the choir. I do not know what kind of recognition he has received for his vocal prowess, but for me, it was quite enough to simply take it all in and appreciate both his talent and hard work. This was a special week, and I was particularly grateful to have taken the time to simply listen.

Have a great weekend, and Go Tillers!

Dr. Jon Tuin

Tustin High School Principal

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12/21 - Girls' Soccer @ California Pizza Kitchen



Girls' Soccer Fundraiser at CPK on 12/21


Counseling Department

Our third Financial Aid Night is Wednesday, February 7th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

Please report to the Plaza and you will be directed to a classroom to participate in the actual Financial Aid Application Workshop. Financial Aid Counselors will be providing hands on support for your FAFSA or DREAM financial aid application. Please bring a fully charged laptop, your 2016 tax documents, and social security numbers (if applicable). The goal is to submit the application by the end of the night.

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We have brochures, pennants, pens, lanyards and so much more.

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