Important Dates for Future Students 

Students interested in sports, please check for tryout dates at:  
Also check the website for the sport at:

New or Returning to Tustin Unified School District

Step 1:      Check the TUSD School Attendance Locator to make sure Foothill High School is your high
  school of residence by clicking on the following link: 
                    If Foothill High School is not your high school of residence, please see Transfers below. 
Step 2:     If Foothill High School is your high school of residence, print the Enrollment Packet or 
                    Enrollment Packet - Spanish
Step 3:     If you are enrolling for the current school year, please call or email Mrs. Haidar to make
                   an enrollment appointment at 714- 730-7464 ext. 623/

Step 1:    Make sure that you do not owe equipment or money to Athletics, Band, Choir, Cheer
the Student Store, or the Cafeteria.
Step 2:    Print out and complete the Authorization for Withdrawal.
Empty your locker and bring all books and your Student Id  to Mrs. Duran, the
Counseling Secretary, between 8 a.m. & noon  
Please note: Withdrawals must be done by the parent/guardian who enrolled the student. 


   The open enrollment period for Inter district and Intra district transfers for the 2014-15 school
   year ended on March 7, 2014. 

   Intra district and inter district transfers are processed through the Tustin Unified School District’s
   Student Services Department at 300 S. C Street, Tustin  CA 92780  Tel: (714) 730-7301 ext. 317.

   If you have received an acceptance letter to Foothill HS from the Tustin Unified School District,
   you may call or email Mrs. Haidar for an enrollment appointment at  714-730-7464 ext. 623/ 
   Enrollment Packet for New or Returning Students and the requested documents to
   your appointment.



Records & Transcripts



     If you are a student requesting transcripts and you graduated after 2003, see 
     Ordering Transcripts
     If you graduated in a year prior to 2004, please go to the TUSD Student Services webpage  to order your transcripts.
     Having problems ordering transcripts through Parchment? 
     Refer to Parchment Guide to Ordering Transcripts or  

     View the Foothill H.S. Profile



If you are requesting a Graduation Verification, please fax your request and the
client's release form to (714) 665-8823.

If you are a school requesting records, please fax or email a request to:
      Catherine Haidar - Foothill High School Registrar  
      Fax: (714) 665-8823 / Email: