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Serving students in Grades 5 through 8 in Irvine, California.

At Orchard Hills School, we strive to be the pinnacle of academic excellence by ensuring that all students achieve the highest levels of learning and engage in multiple opportunities to discover their ELEMENT!

2013 & 2016 CBEE Honor Roll School

2015 California Gold Ribbon School

2014 #3 Ranked School in Orange County, California

2013 California Distinguished School Award

2015 Exemplary Arts Award

Orchard Hills School News & Announcements

This meeting is a great time to collect information and ask questions about this exciting event!

DATE: Thursday, October 19, 2017

TIME: 6-7 pm

LOCATION: Multi-Purpose Room

WHO CAN ATTEND: Parents of 5th grade students (NO STUDENTS PLEASE)

COST: $315 – You will have the option to pay in full by credit card on this night only!  Other forms of payment (check or cash) will be due at a later date.

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Due to Middle School Conference Week (October 23 - 27, 2017), Middle School Students will be released from school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the week of October 23 at 12:20.  There will be no lunch for students on those days.  They MUST be picked up by 12:45.  Students may not wait for 5th grade students.  On Wednesday, we will be following the Early Release Wednesday Schedule.  Please refer to Bell Schedule HERE for more information.

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With the recent fires, this is a good time to remind parents of our emergency procedures. Be sure that your emergency release form is up to date. You can go into your AERIES parent portal to add any names or make changes. In the event of an emergency and you are not able to get to school, your child will ONLY be released to the persons you have listed on the form. This is very important! In case our school would need to be evacuated, students may be bussed to another location. Parents would be notified via the Pace/Blackboard Connect systems. In a true emergency, multiple phone numbers may be simultaneously called. It is important to listen to voice mail messages left on phones. Often, parents don't listen to messages and just push "call back" on their phones.  We will be unable to field all those calls.  Please always listen to messages before contacting the school. On October 19th, OH will be participating in the state wide "Shake Out". This gives us an opportunity to practice our emergency procedures. Always remain calm and be patient. 

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Thank you Irvine Police Department and SRO Phil Walsh Last Monday when the fires were moving, officer Phil Walsh came to Orchard Hills to give us up to date information regarding the movement of the fires. We proactively looked at different scenarios should the fires get close to our school. He asked for additional backup so that we could efficiently get students off campus and cars through the parking lot at dismissal. Even though we were not in a mandatory evacuation area, we took precautions to clear our campus. CDC students were picked up early. Irvine PD helped to secure our campus and checked every classroom to ensure everyone was out of their rooms and the campus clear. Officer Walsh stayed with us until we were fully evacuated. Kudos go out to Irvine PD and their proactive procedures to keep our schools safe. We are so fortunate to have such a great relationship with our local law enforcers. 

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