Absence Reporting

Please be sure to report any student absence right away to the school office.

(714) 730-7528

If you leave a message, include student first and last name, teacher name, reason for absence and the date you expect your student to return to school.

If a student is absent, arrives late or leaves school early due to a medical or dental appointment, please ask the medical/dental care provider to give you a note for the school confirming the appointment. This note should be delivered to the school office within 24 hours of the student's absence.

The California Education Code describes a number of reasons why a pupil may be excused from school (illness, medical services etc). An unexcused absence may lead to the student being considered truant and documented accordingly in the school's database. Please always advise the school office as soon as possible when a student will be absent, and check with the office if you are not sure about whether your student's absence requires a note or other action on your part.

If a student is away from school for any reason for 2 or more days, parents should contact the school office to arrange to pick up any assigned work.

For guidelines relating to your student’s health and school attendance decisions, visit

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