Top 10 iPad Tips for Hewes Students

Create personal lock screen password and change screen images to make it personal. Do NOT personalize the case with stickers – it must remain blank. (Settings, General, Passcode – we suggest the last four digits of your Perm. ID #)

iPads 2

Turn off Automatic App Refresh and turn Reduce Motion on. (Settings, General, Background app refresh – off) (Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce Motion – on)


If iPad will not turn on, hold down the home button and the power button until you see the white apple appear on the screen (may take up to 30 seconds).


When you, the student, go home, you MUST take your iPad (do not leave it in your locker) and charge the iPad every night… write it in your binder reminder. Charging cables should be brought to school with the iPad.


If there is a need for a repair, please see Mr. T or Mrs. Rivera in the library and they will walk you through the next steps or process.


iPads must be secured in your locker if you are on the blacktop at lunch and in your PE locker during PE.


Under no circumstances should you make any changes in the “Profiles” section of the iPad in Settings. iBoss will contact the school immediately and there will be consequences.


Pictures and video on campus should only be taken with teacher direction. For example, if you are working on a project and taking pictures or video is part of that, you may do so.


Be aware of how much space you have on your iPad – you must save space for school work (4GB free) and if you can’t do your school work, we will ask you to delete items that you have personally added.


Do NOT throw your backpack when your iPad is inside it. It will damage the device and keyboard and you will be responsible for getting it fixed as that is negligence on your part. This iPad is YOUR iPad for ALL the years you are at Hewes. Take good care of it!