MYFORD's Book replacement policy

It is the mission of the TUSD libraries to provide materials in a variety of formats that promote effective use of information and create a lifelong love of learning and reading. As a part of the library program at Myford Elementary School your student will be assigned a set of textbooks that are kept for the entire year. He or she also has the opportunity to check out library books on a weekly basis.
Students are responsible for keeping library and textbooks in good condition and returning them when they are due. Textbooks are due at the end of the school year. Library books must be returned each week. Students may renew their book(s) for a second week if they are brought to the library for renewal on his or her library day.
As you can imagine, these materials can be quite expensive and there are limited funds available to replace them. Therefore, if a book is lost or damaged, your student is responsible for the replacement cost. Replacement costs include the list price of the book plus 7.75% tax. If your student does not return his or her book(s) within three weeks of the due date, a fine notice will be sent home. If a book is found after a payment has been made, your fine will be refunded providing it has been no longer than 365 days and the book is in good condition.
We appreciate your cooperation in helping your child develop a strong sense of responsibility for school property and library procedures.