MYFORD's Homework Policy

The staff at MYFORD Elementary School believe that homework is a valuable part of the instructional process. Homework provides a structure to ensure learning of the skills and knokwledge gained in the classroom and lays the foundation for students taking responsibility for their own learning


Teachers' Homework responsibilities

  • Require that homework meaningfully reflects and reinforces the curriculum / standards
  • Ensure that homework assignments are well prepared
  • Explain homework assignments to students and review study skills, homework guidelines and expectations
  • Facilitate student access to the resources necessary to complete assignments
  • Check the homework as it is returned
  • If homework is not completed, students will be given a homework alert

Parents' Homework Responsibilities

  • Arrange a quiet time and study area including proper lighting
  • Provide appropriate materials for homework such as pencils, paper, crayons, glue, and scissors
  • Initially review assignment with your child and review finished projects checking for accuracy and neatness
  • Call or Email your childs teacher if you have any questions regarding the homework  


Students' Homework Responsibilities
  • Ask questions in class so the homework is clearly understood
  • Take homework assignments and materials home
  • Complete and return the homework assignments on time
  • Produce a high quality work including accuracy and neatness
  • Complete homework assigned during absences within designated time periods. 

Suggested Times

Every student should plan on setting aside a reasonable portion of each school evening. Monday through Thursday for homework assignments. As a rule, homework will not be assigned on weekends or holidays, and teachers will be sensitive to special school activities. 
  • Kindergarten: 15 minutes per night
  • First Grade: 15 - 30 minutes per night which includes 15 minutes of reading
  • Second Grade: 30 - 40 minutes per night which includes 20 minutes of reading
  • Third Grade: 35 - 45 minutes per night which includes 20 minutes of reading
  • Fourth and Fifth Grades: 45 - 60 minutes per night which includes 30 minutes of reading
If your child spends substantially more or less time each day on homework than indicated, please communicate with your child's teacher immediately