Early Registration TK-5 Grade / Inscripción Temprana TK-5 Grado

For your convenience, the Tustin Unified School District offers two ways to enroll your student at one of our schools.    

(This resource is provided for first-time students to our district.)

Please complete the Online Enrollment process and complete the appropriate forms below


With the printed and signed document from the enrollment process, please also download, print and sign the following forms as they apply:

a)  Student Health Inventory Form – All grades – Student Health Inventory Form  / Formulario de Salud del Alumno

b)  Oral Health Assessment Form – TK, K and 1st grade – Oral Health Assessment Form / Formulario del Examen Dental

c)  Health Examination Form – Only 1st grade – Health Examination Form Formulario del Examen de Salud

d)  Transitional Kindergarten Enrollment Form – Only TK - TK Enrollment Form/TK Formulario por Inscripcion

Required Materials:

ENROLLMENT IS NOT COMPLETE until parent brings all documents listed below to the school’s office.


• Parent/Guardian:
• Photo ID from a recognized institution (example, Driver’s License or Passport)
• Student
• Proof of the child's birth date must be presented at the time of registration. Proof may be a birth certificate, baptismal record, or passport.
  • RESIDENCE VERIFICATION  Residency is established by providing either of the following :

     1) Legal Possession of Residence - Copy of your rental contract, lease agreement (must include landlord/owner signature page, escrow paper, mortgage statement, property tax bill, or grant deed AND One Current Utility Bill - Gas, electric, or water bill dated within the last 90 Days


    2) Residence Verification Form – Completed Residence Verification Form with signatures of the Sponsor and the Parent/Guardian and have all required attachments as specified on the form. The Residence Verification Form is available from any TUSD school office or Student Services at the TUSD Administration Center at 300 South C Street in Tustin (92780).


                                  Immunization records. Parents must provide student(s)' health immunization records at the time of registration.

      • GUARDIANSHIP PAPERS (if applicable)
          • If the student(s) is/are not living with parents, provide current proof of guardianship (example. court orders) or Caregiver Affidavit. 
      • IEP AND ANY ASSESSMENTS (if applicable)

      Utilizing either online or in-person enrollment, students MUST complete registration at their SCHOOL OF RESIDENCE or APPROVED Transfer Site.  Please verify your school of residence utilizing our SCHOOL LOCATOR TOOL.  If you desire to transfer your student to another school within the TUSD, please click here for information.  Schools will not allow enrollment of transfer students until approved by the District.  Families will receive written notification of transfer status by mail.

      Helpful Documents

      • Last Report Card (Kindergarten through Grade 5) or Transcript (Grades 6 through 12)
      • For Special Education students: An IEP and assessments.
      • For GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) students:  Test scores and/or certification forms.
      • CAHSEE Scores (Grade 10 and Above)


      The kindergarten program is 203 minutes per day. Registration information may be obtained from your school site. Materials you need include birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of residency.

      Proof of residency is established upon submission of a mortgage (or escrow) paper, or lease/rental agreement; gas or electric utility bill displaying your name and address; and a photo ID of parent or guardian. In lieu of a utility bill, schools will accept a letter of intent to start service from the gas or electric company and temporary driver's license, with the understanding that a utility bill will be provided to the school within 60 days.

      To enroll in kindergarten, state law requires a child to be five by September 1 of the year student enrolls.

      Open Enrollment Policy 

      Tustin Unified School District has an open enrollment policy that allows students to apply to attend a school other than their school of residence. Approvals are for one year, and are reviewed each year. Transfer requests will be available at each school, the District Office, or from the TUSD website at the beginning of the calendar year and submitted for consideration on the dates established by the Board for Open Enrollment.

      Each school is required to serve the students who live within its attendance boundaries before accepting students outside the boundaries. After residents are accommodated, any requests submitted will be processed on space available basis. More information, procedures, and criteria are available from Student Services.

      Residents new to Tustin Unified School District may apply for open enrollment after these deadlines within two weeks of establishing a change of address with proof of residence. 

      Transportation is not provided.

      Updated: July 14, 2015