Safety Preparedness Procedures

This page is to inform parents and the Myford community of our school’s safety plan and the ways in which we prepare your children in the event of an emergency.  We want our parents to know know the exact procedures for becoming reunited with their children. Please take the time to discuss these very important topics with your family so that everyone is prepared in the unlikely event that there is an emergency!

Monthly Drills

Myford participates in one fire drill per month and four earthquake drills per year. These drills involve all students being evacuated from the building and lining up on the field on the playground. During an earthquake drill, all students drop, cover and hold. Once an “all clear” signal is given, students evacuate the building. Students practice these drills and understand that they are to be taken seriously. Teachers take roll and account for all students. If a child is missing (in the bathroom, at the nurse’s office, or absent) teachers mark that on their emergency reports and hold up a red laminated card to indicate “danger” or “problem”. If all students are accounted for, teachers hold up a green laminated card to indicate “all clear”. Once all teachers’ classes are accounted for the drill is over and students are free to return to their classrooms.

Lockdown Drills

This year students and teachers will be taking part in “lockdown” drills. These drills are practiced so that in the event that there is an intruder on campus, students and staff will know what to do. According to the Irvine Police Department, these drills are also important to practice since the likelihood of student injury and/or death from this type of incident is far greater than that of fire or earthquake. In this type of drill, students remain inside the locked classroom. The goal is for the teacher to keep students safe and inside, away from windows or visibility.

Disaster Duties

All staff members are a part of our disaster team which is comprised of the following:
  1. Command Center:

Alerts the site to the possible threat via appropriate signals and communicates with team members. Distributes supplies to team members. Sets up command post.

  1. Search and Rescue

Works in pairs to search campus for missing/injured persons.

  1. Site Security

Secure school by locking gates. Checks all utilities and reports to command center.

  1. First Aid

Assess injured students and use triage to administer first aid.

  1. Supervision/Assembly

Supervise assembly area and cooperate with the command center for the accounting and release of all students.

  1. Student Release

Set up reunion gate with necessary supplies. Call for students from assembly area to reunion gate. Release students given proper documentation.


Main Gate/Reunion Gate

The main gate is the front gate at the entrance of the school. In the event of an emergency, all gates will be locked and parents/family members will be asked to remain outside these gates. In order to minimize confusion, students will be released to parents only with the proper identification. In order for the school to release a child to someone other than parents and/or legal guardians, we must have your permission. Each year we request this information in the Back to School packets. Please make sure your list is complete and communicate with the people that you have added to your emergency contact list so they are aware that you have identified them as someone who can pick up your kids.

The reunion gate is the back gate and will be used for the sole purpose of student release. Once verification has been made that a student can be released to the parent guardian, etc. the student will be pulled from the supervision area and taken to the reunion gate to be released. Documentation will be made as to who picked up the child, that person’s signature, and the time the student was released.


Water and rations have been purchased and are in our school’s emergency “shed” on the playground. This shed also contains emergency backpacks for search and rescue, etc. All teachers have emergency backpacks within their classrooms which contain first aid kits, flashlights, radios, emergency blankets, safety vests, and student rosters. These backpacks are taken out during all safety drills.

*Please submit a current email address if you haven’t already done so. In the event of an emergency, communication may be sent via email due to the likelihood that phone lines may be busy.