Playground  Classroom / MPR
Computer Lab / library
 Lunch Area
Use "I" message when
handling conflicts
Use inside voice
Work quietly
Keep body quiet
Use a quiet voice
Work quietly so others can learn
Use good table manners
Use quiet voice
Responsible Actions
Follow playground rules
Accept consequences given by supervisors and teachers
Accept consequences of unfinished or late work
Get your questions answered
Applaud appropriately
Wear your school uniform
Use a quiet voice
Use computers /library materials according to teachers directions
Clean up after yourself
Throw away your trash and recycle when possible
Use the bathroom appropriately
Share Equipment
Take turns
No put downs
Solve problems
Accept others' views
Share the work when working in a group
Solve problems
Let others go first
Help boot up or shut down computers as needed
Help to keep your class' lunch tables clean
Throw away trash
Respect the privacy of others
 Be Safe
Follow playground rules
Use equipment correctly
Sit nicely
Push in chairs
Push in chairs
Sit nicely on benches
Wash hands