Parking Lot Safety

We feel it is very important that you and your child review the rules for arriving and leaving the school safely. Please note that Irvine Police Department does patrol our school area. Be sure to pick up your child promptly as supervision is limited. Please cooperate fully with Myford Staff on parking lot patrol as they have your child's safety as their highest priority. We truly appreciate you being courteous to all who are working hard to keep your children safe.

Skateboards, scooters (razors), roller blades, roller shoes and skates are PROHIBITED on school grounds at all times. 



  • All students must cross at designated cross walks.
  • Students are to follow the directions of the staff on duty.
  • Only 4th and 5th grade students may ride their bicycles to and from school, and must have a signed permission slip on file for each year that they intend to do so. (See office staff for permission slips and ensure that students wear helmets at all times).
  • Students riding bicycles are to ride in the same direction as traffic, walk bicycles in the crosswalks to cross streets, and walk their bicycles when on any part of the campus.


  • Please stay in your cars and keep moving with traffic, moving as far forward as possible. DO NOT PASS OTHER CARS - and please - DO NOT CUT IN LINE
  • Please drop off and pick up your children as quickly as possible to help keep traffic moving. Many people linger during this process which causes delay and frustration.
  • If parents are parked across the street from the school, their child must cross in the crosswalk.
  • Park only in unnumbered and unmarked spaces in the school parking lot, or park in the parking lot at Valencia Park. All other spaces are reserved for faculty.
  • If parents park in the parking lot, please cross at designated/marked crosswalks only. Always use the crosswalk.
  • There is no parking in the drop off zone in front of school...please park in designated spaces only.
  • Do not drop off or pick up students in the bus zone when buses are present.
  • NO PARKING, LOADING OR UNLOADING in the RED ZONE. You may be ticketed by IPD if you do so.