Welcome to Barbara Benson Elementary

Barbara Benson Elementary is an outstanding California Gold Ribbon and Title 1 Academic Achievement school that focuses on the educational achievement of all students grades TK-5 through rigorous standards and engaging strategies.

Benson Elementary is a 1:1 iPad school which provides students opportunities to use technology to enhance their learning opportunities and prepare our students with 21st century learning skills.

As a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school, Benson Elementary focuses on a proactive approach to providing students with a safe and supportive learning environment. At Benson Elementary our rules are: be kind, be safe, be responsible.


California Gold Ribbon School

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Kind - Safe - Responsible

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Title 1 Academic Achievement School

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Welcome Back, Tillers!

Summer is over and the 2017/18 school year is HERE!

Check our new and improved website for up-to-date information on the Tillers!

The 1st Issue of the 2017/18 Tiller News and Counselors' CHAT will be published on Friday, August 25th. Look for it HERE.

And, if you haven't already, be sure to follow the Tustin Tillers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get all of the latest on what's happening on campus!

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To assist your family's school preparations, we ask that you carefully consider the following information from the principal that can be found on the OH website under About Our School.  This webpage contains information about school communication, lunch programs, traveling to school, dress code, lockers for middle school, etc.   


For the safety of all Orchard Hills' staff and students, please follow the traffic pattern, obey all posted signs and traffic laws, and keep an eye open for pedestrians. Students may walk, ride their bikes or skateboards to school, but are reminded that they must wear a helmet. Bicycles and skateboards must be walked on school property. Bike racks are located near the gym behind the MPR (middle school students) and in front of the 5th grade classrooms (for 5th graders). Students are responsible for locking their bicycles/skateboards.  Please visit the OH website HERE to find the link to Suggested Routes to OH compiled by Irvine PD.


Please review the MAP showing the parking lot flow patterns before school begins. Park ONLY IN UNMARKED parking spaces in the front parking lot (not in STAFF spaces) or use the drive through drop off areas in the front and back lots. Do NOT park along any RED painted fire curb as you will be blocking people who are legally parked in the lot.

On the first day of school between 7:30-8:30am there will be a parking variance.  Parents will be allowed to park school side on Culver between Furrow and Settlers as follows: 25 feet south of FURROW to the end at broken lines (turn lane) in the roadway before SETTLERS (not beyond).  This parking variance does not include the following:  parking in fire lanes, parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, or blocking driveways or handicap ramps.  Below is a picture of the parking variance for the first day of school.  You many only park where the yellow dots are.

Except for the area covered in the variance above there is no parking along other sections of Culver, Settlers or other nearby streets with posted no parking signs. Additionally, Irvine PD has installed "No Stopping" signs along Settlers.  Parents are not allowed to be dropping off or picking up their students along this street.   The Irvine Police Department will be present and will give tickets and citations as needed.

On the first day of school, give yourself extra time or plan to carpool since there will be more cars than usual on that day. Once you have arrived, please follow the directions of the parking supervisors.

Note that there are two ways to enter the parking lot. One is by turning left into the lot from the left turn lane on Culver as you approach the school. The second is making a U-Turn at the top of the hill and making a right turn into the lot as you come down (if you are going down the hill and plan to use the drop-off lane indicated in orange and green on the traffic flow map, use the first driveway as you come down the hill and wait in the line, but if you plan to park, go to the second driveway and turn right, indicated in purple on the traffic flow map). Please be courteous to other drivers and let one car turn from the left and right alternately so the traffic moves smoothly.

**To ensure the safety of your student at OH, please have PATIENCE during drop-off and pick-up**


  • 5th Grade:  Parents of incoming 5th grade students will have access to their student’s teacher assignments effective August 21st after 4:30pm.  We encourage parents to log into Aeries Parent Portal to view their child’s class assignment.  We will also post an alphabetical list, by last name, for parents to view their student’s assigned teacher.  The lists will be posted on the cafeteria windows on August 21st at 4:30pm.  All fifth graders should assemble outside their assigned classrooms in the elementary quad on August 22nd.  We encourage the students to form a line behind their assigned teacher’s name on the orange cones in the elementary quad.  You can also match the teachers’ names to their classrooms on the school map located HERE.
  • Middle School Class Schedules:  We will open up the Aeries Parent Portal for students to access their course listings on August 21st after 4:30pm. Course listings list the names of the classes (courses) your child is assigned. We will send out a reminder to notify you that the course listings are available on Aeries closer to that time.  Middle school students are encouraged to double-check that they are enrolled in the correct courses at that time.  If your student discovers a significant error (i.e. missing an academic class, wrong grade-level class, two of the same classes etc.), we encourage your student to let their first period teacher know about the error.  The teachers will notify the office and your child’s schedule will be rectified promptly by the office staff.  The morning of August 22, alphabetical lists, by student's last name, will be posted around campus to confirm the first period room assignment for every student.  We are currently adjusting schedules before the first day of school in an effort to balance classes.  All middle school students will receive a final copy of their schedule during first period on August 22.
  • Schedule Change Form - Middle School Only:  If you find an error with your child's schedule, please complete a "Schedule Change Request" form located HERE.  We will not make schedule changes to reflect teacher preferences.  E-mails or phone calls will not be accepted for schedule change requests.  Upon completing the Schedule Change Request form, please submit it to the front office.  The deadline to submit all schedule change request forms to the office is September 1.  Please note:  The following classes are already full or at capacity - Art Productions, ASB/Leadership, Culinary Arts, Robotics Competition, Spanish 1A and Yearbook.

PLEASE READ:  New Policy Regarding Posting of Student Names

Parents, there is a new feature of the online re-registration process that allows you, under Media Release, to select an option that prevents your student's name from being posted anywhere.  If you selected this option, your student's name will not be included on the lists posted at school.  This means you will not find your student on the posted 5th grade class lists or the middle school first period class lists on the first day of school.   You are encouraged to print out the information before coming to school on Tuesday.  There will be an information area with school personnel there to help you locate your child's teacher if they do not appear on a list and you have not printed out their information from Aeries.


Parents, please find a school map located HERE.  Please print out a copy for your student to have on the first day of school.  The map includes teacher names so we encourage parents to review the map with teacher assignments so students are more comfortable on the first day of school. 


The school will be on a Regular Day Bell Schedule. Grade 5 will be dismissed at 2:33pm and Grades 6-8 will be dismissed at 2:42. Please pick up your students on time.  To review the Bell Schedules for the year, please click HERE.


For students who missed their designated registration day, make-up registration will begin at 8:00am on the first day of school.  Please report to the MPR with your parent or designated adult to complete the registration process.  Reminder - Online Registration must be Completed (and a "TUSD Data Confirmation/Parent Signature Form" printed and signed), prior to coming to Make-Up Registration Day. 


If your child is absent the first day(s) of school, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you notify the school by emailing our Attendance staff. Please visit website HERE for further details 


  • Have patience - there will be a lot of people at the school.  Review the traffic flow map HERE.
  • Print schedules - middle school parents please print your student's schedule from Aeries.
  • Print and review map - parents please print school map for students HERE and review teacher locations with them.

Hoping you all have a great first day of school! 

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