The 2015 SoCal Student Film Festival
   This year, Beckman is in the process of forming the Academy of Media Arts (AMA). The AMA is a career and technical education program focusing on arts, media, and entertainment. Mr. Perdue, the founder and coordinator of the AMA, has some experience in leading an academy. New to Beckman this year, Mr. Perdue left behind a successful media arts program he founded, which was awarded Apple Distinguished Program in 2012, one of forty schools nationwide. The plan is to replicate the program here at Beckman.
   In this program, students learn to conceptualize, write, develop, produce, and edit videos, music, theatre, and animation. Students think critically to solve challenging, real-world problems and to negotiate and manage the creative process. Students find their voice through the creative process. 
The premier event for the AMA is the SoCal Student Film Festival.  Mr. Perdue has managed the SoCal Student Film Festival for the past five years at the Centinela Valley Center of the Arts in Los Angeles. This year, the Festival will take place at Beckman's Performing Arts Center. The Festival invites nearly 500 schools from all over Southern California to compete for sixteen different awards. The event brings together industry professionals, high school students, and the community to celebrate and the support the students' achievements as well as extend their knowledge through workshops, special screenings, Q and A sessions, and panel discussions with professionals in the field. 

    This year, the event falls on Saturday, May 2nd from 4-9PM at the Beckman High School Performing Arts Center.  More information will be posted soon.