City of Irvine Grant

Tustin Unified School District (TUSD) has been granted funding by the City of Irvine Educational Partnership Fund to provide health services to three TUSD schools that are located in Irvine.  The grant is dedicated to improve health services at Beckman High School, Myford Elementary School and Orchard Hills School. 

The major focus of the school health services is to identify at-risk students who have Body Mass Index (BMI) at or > 85th percentile in 5th graders and presence of acanthosis nigricans among 10th graders.  The program goals for the school nurse thus include early identification, referral, and training.  The BMI is determined by the student’s height and weight.  These measurements will be performed along with the scheduled vision and hearing screening.  Based on the identified at-risk students, the school nurse will be providing assistance in accessing medical care, insurance, and referrals.  In addition, the school nurse will provide training on nutrition and fitness through the 5-2-1 Almost None program to students.

This funding opportunity will assist the TUSD by supporting the children, youth, and families of Irvine by receiving research based information to assist them in making decisions to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is TUSD’s vision to develop these schools as a model for achieving overall health and wellness for the TUSD.


Request for Administration of Medication

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