Attendance Procedures


24-Hour Attendance Line

714-734-2900 ext. 507

Attendance Office Hours 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Parent/guardian is required to call the Attendance Office as soon as they know student will not be attending school.  Absences not cleared within 3 days will result in a truancy and detention for the student.  Messages left with the Attendance Office require the following information:

  •   Student’s first and last name
  •   Student’s 5-digit I.D. number
  •  The reason for absence (please be brief when possible)
  •  The name and relationship of person calling 
  •  If you do not know the student I.D. number, please spell the last name. 
  • Remember to call each day student is absent.


Late Arrival 

Student is to report to the Attendance Office (Window 4) upon arriving to school and their attendance record will be amended at that time.  An excused tardy requires a note from parent/guardian.

Early Dismissal 

Students must be signed out by parent or guardian.  Student is to report to the Attendance Office (Window 4) after 7:00 a.m. with a handwritten note from parent/guardian indicating the time and reason student needs to leave campus.  The note will be exchanged for an early dismissal pass that student will show the teacher.  The teacher will release student at the designated time, and student should report to the Attendance Office where they will wait for parent/guardian.  If the student drives it should be indicated on the note and they will be allowed to sign themselves out prior to leaving.

If you receive an absence phone call in error

Check the Aeries Parent Portal to locate which class student was marked absent.  Send an email to the teacher regarding the absence or have student speak to the teacher the following day.  The teacher will notify the Attendance Office to make any corrections.

If you reported an absence and still receive a phone call

Please call the Attendance Office again.  Due to unforeseen circumstances it’s possible the phone call was not received, interpreted or recorded.

Student in class not feeling well

For safety reasons student should not contact parent/guardian from the classroom.  Student should request a pass from their teacher to visit the health office, and the school nurse will contact the parent/guardian.    


Tardy Policy and Procedures
Tardy Lockouts: Students who get caught in a tardy lockout will get 1 detention.  Lockouts are randomly scheduled and can happen any day and during any class period. 
 Tardy Policy